Mandatory Retirement Age

The question whether there should be a mandatory retirement age is quite debatable as some workers are compelled to retire despite being productive. The improved life expectancy due to improved health and medical services or improved technological innovations that have led to less physical dependency on workers have greatly contributed to the debate on the mandatory retirement age. Therefore, a proper criterion based on individual’s productivity should be formulated.

Though mental and physical health usually tend to decline with age, it is difficult to ascertain if a person will remain competent in performing his/her duties. Therefore, there should be discriminative retirement age based on the occupation. For instance, mandatory retirement age of 70years should be imposed on the air traffic controllers, police, commercial airline pilots and the police. This is because these employees are entitled to the security of people hence the employees have to be physically and cognitively stable which is greatly affected by age.

Mandatory retirement age usually affects the productivity or outcome in a particular sector of the economy and flexible retirement can be an option. It leads to creation of a void in experienced personnel or loss of employees with specialized skills by the retiring employees, affects the health or morale of the employee and leads to increased output by the government or company as more money is spend on recruiting new employees.

In conclusion, I think there should be no imposed mandatory retirement age for all employees as when people are left to retire at their own wish, the continuous interaction of that employee with the younger employees will help in maintaining a constant work pattern at work place and a constant life for the employee. Mandatory retirement forces an employee to retire on attaining a certain age hence an employee is compelled to retire irrespective of his/her condition. However, the employee can be allowed to voluntary retire at the age that suits the interests, career plans and abilities on a person. Therefore, if the worker is willing to continue working or is capable of offering valuable services, he/she can be allowed to continue being productive in any economic sector.



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