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Strategic issues are the policy questions and a number of challenges that impact organization’s values, mission, mandates, its management, clients, and users, as well as the service level (Ambler, 2007).  The seven approaches to strategic issue identification include the following:

Direct approach entails that the planners will directly go to the strategic issue identification. This kind of approach is the best if no agreement exists on goals, where the vision of success was not developed yet and where a turbulent environment exists. Indirect approach encompasses the analysis of the organization’s mission, SWOT/stakeholder, existing strategies, goals, and discussions/background reports (Bryson, 2011a).

The goal approach requires an organization to identify its goals and objectives first. To ensure success, it is essential for the organization to agree on its goals and objectives, which should be very specific in order for them to address their strategic issues. The alignment approach works on the assumption that even good performance in the organization requires better coherence across the mission, vision, policies, budgets, and operations of the organization. A major characteristic of the approach is that it works well with other approaches.

Action-oriented strategy mapping approach is employed with an aim to structure the clusters and to show the interrelationships amongst clusters and numerous options that comprise them. The issue tensions approach is based on the four tensions that surround any strategic issue. They include human resources, innovation as well as the change, productivity improvements, and maintenances (Bryson, 2011b).

The system analysis is employed to assist in distinguishing the best method of framing the issues when deemed as a system, which consists of multifaceted feedback results that should be modeled so as to understand the system. In strategic issues, the management approaches the top management in order to select the most vital issues requiring to be addressed and presents them to the personnel who then provide alternatives. The managers then choose the issues to be pursued (Henderson, 2012).

The best approach to be used in the Red Cross is the goals approach due to the fact that the organization is hierarchically organized and pursues narrowly defined missions. The strategic issues in this organization encompass the precarious financial position of the organization and struggles that exist between the Red Cross management and its board of directors (Epstein, 2012). 

Identifying Strategic Issues. Custom Identifying Strategic Issues Essay Writing Service || Identifying Strategic Issues Essay samples, help

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