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Hardware Replacement Project

The project will entail replacing the hardware of the company before implementing the CRM system. For this system to run optimally, the hardware should be powerful and of right specifications. Optimal CRM systems should be running on powerful host and server machines. It is for this reason that the project is striving to implement the project of getting the new hardware (Joseph 2003). It will entail the following activities:

i. Getting all the Data Terminal Equipment and Data Communication Equipment to be required in the project.

ii. Getting all the specifications of the DTE/DCE

iii. Writing the tender documents

iv. Select the best bidders

v. Send local purchase order (LPO)

vi. Receive the equipment

Project location

The projected will be located in Australia. The reason behind this is that the company is located in this region. The hardware that will be used here includes supercomputers and the desktop computers that will be used to. Also included will be the data and specifications that are used in the whole process. Most of the times, these resources are only accessible in overseas countries.


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The project is expected to take approximately 15 days. The representation of the same is shown in the table below:


Task Duration From To
Get the server and super computer 1.4 days 1/3/2011 2/3/2011
Configure the super computer 2 days 2/3/2011 4/3/2011
Buy Desktop computers 2 days 4/2/2011 6/3/2011
Set up desktop computers 3 days 7/3/2011 9/3/2011
Set up network 3 days 10/3/2011 13/3/2011
Test the system 1 day 14/3/2011 15/3/2011


Item Estimated Cost
Supercomputer - this will be one of the most expensive for Curve-R


400,000 AUS

Host computers and Networking

*There will be need to have new networks that are dedicated to cloud computing alone. There will be the normal network serving the company and now the network serving requests from clients.

200,000 AUS
Maintenance 1,500 AUS annually

System failure

*This is the money that is lost when a researcher fails to access the system and therefore fails to use the service. This happens because of system failure. The failure will be mainly due to networking.

2,500 AUS
Total Costs 604,000 AUS


There are risks tat are expected to be encountered in he course of implementing the project. Risk management is required to manage the uncertainties that might happen and thus affecting the project either in the positive or in the negative way (Martin, 2002). There should be a way of dealing with these risks.

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Risk factors

Sponsorship risk factors

These are risks which might arise from the sponsor of the project. They include factors such as the management of the organization losing interest in the project, an environment which is not stable, failure of the management to make decisions at critical times, conflict between the departments who are going to use the project, unethical behavior (Ireland, 2006).

Management strategies

The strategies which will help solve this risk is the use of avoidance; trying to deal with the problems before they occur. There should be a vision for all to follow in order to manage this risk.

Finance and scheduling risk factors

The factors that come as a result of this include requiring budgeting the entire project at the outset leading to underfunding in later stages, deviation from the set budget, having a user lead the project. Budgeting at the onset of the project is another risk which might cause serious flaws (Harrison, & Lock, 2004). There are changes which can occur in the course of project implementation.

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Impact of this risk

This risk will bring the impact that the project might be underfunded. This is because the factors of inflation are not taken care of when the initial budget is created.

Management strategies

For this risk to be minimized, the initial budget on it should not be an issue so much. There should be funds which are used for emergency so that when some issues arise, they can be dealt with effectively. To manage this risk, there will be need to realign the strategies stated and that the sponsor commits into further funding or limit the extent of the project.

Personnel risks

These are risks which arise due to human resource. The lack of people with the right skills is the most significant risk.

Management strategies

For the project to really go on well there should be other expertise on the reserve so that the three experts working on the project can have replacement in case they, by any chance, are not able to go through with project implementation. If the project is already underway and it is not possible to have new staff with the required skills, it will be reasonable to obtain temporary resources, and replace or reassign the already taken people.

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Requirements are handled poorly

This factor arises when the team chases technology and fails to solve the problem they were working on in the first place. Chasing technology instead of satisfying legitimate requirements causes serious problems because in the end, a new technology has been used but the problem has not been solved.

Quality control

The assurance of the quality of the whole system will be ensured by making sure that the vendors who will be supplying the computer systems will be vetted and approved to sell the hardware. The must have supplied other companies with the same qualifications as us the same hardware requirements (Youn, 2005). This way, we will be assured of our quality of the software we get.



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