Concession Management

The main and fundamental duties of a concession manager are to simply ensure that all operations that revolve around the centre stand within a given facility are working effectively and smoothly. They undertake and oversee that nothing goes wrong at any given time. It is also their duty to ensure that they promote whatever they are doing through engaging in sales and management. This could be in a sporting facility where he/she should see to it that there are strategies in where the product or rather baseball will advertised to all and sundry. This could in turn increase revenues or promote the sport. This will be a good opportunity to allay fears that the public may be having concerning the game (Masteralexis, Barr & Hums, 2011).

The manger will hire their own competent staff that will ensure that the management duties are attended to at all times. The main agenda here is to portray a positive outlook towards the game that is not very popular with most people. The manger of the operations will see to it that the stand is opened and closed at the appropriate time. The time frame is important as it should not interfere with the campus program. It is vital to register the game to the athletics board so that even when funding are being carried out, the game is not left out. The management could also come up with a site in the internet in which they will advertise the game and its benefits. They could come up with attractive packages such as insurance covers for the participants.

The facility management has a role in budget development which should be done in the best interest of the participants. Most organized sports facilities generate huge revenues all from the effective sales of prescribed concessions. This normally comes in the forms of beverages, food and snacks. Other things could come in handy for example souvenirs which would attract many people.



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