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Nowadays the government can sneak into an individual’s property probably unknown, put a GPS device on one’s car and keep track of the activities of a person on daily basis. There is no doubt that the government is in violation of the Fourth Amendment rights. The reason for this is going by the fact that an individual does not expect any privacy in terms of his/her own activities. In addition, an individual has no reasonable expectation that the government is tracking him/her. However, more and more people are terming this as a totalitarian decision that is in violation of individual rights that were stipulated in the constitution.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a new technology system that many governments are using nowadays in order to track a person’s location. The system is able to pinpoint the exact position that an individual is located anywhere on the globe. The network providers have the ability to track various operations with the help of GPS. This is because a single service centre helps indicate the location of an individual unites, most of the cell phones and handheld communication devices. The American constitution is clear under the Fourth Amendment that no one has the right to search someone’s property without a court warrant.

The government uses the system to track most of the personal belongings like cars, clothes and other private things. Most of the people argue that it is not logical for the government to track one’s private life without the knowledge of the concerned person. The use of GPS in America leads to a heated debate on how the government creates an imbalance in obtaining information through this new system; how the government officials have the right to impose GPS tracking devices on the individual’s properties. Many people argued that this is abuse of government power. Others argue that the use of GPS is violation of the Fourth Amendment rights. The right states that the government has no power to impose any tracking device into any of its citizen’s property with a court warrant. The amendment further states that the government has no right to search a citizen’s property and belongings without a court warrant (Goetz 823). 

An argument depicts that the use of GPS tracking various items might cause more harm than good. Some people argue that attaching the device on their personal properties like on the cars may lead more acts of crime. This is because not all government officials are loyal and some of them may come back and do harm to a particular citizen after knowing and examining his or her private life. The use of GPS is against the Constitution of the American people. The Constitution states that no one has the right and obligation to search and seizure one’s property. In order to track one while using the GPS, one has to impose the device private, for example, under the car. This act is totally prohibited by the American law and there government officials have no right to conduct such a search (Smith 1243).  

Another reason that indicates that the government has no right to follow people while using GPS is that sometimes the information given by the device cannot give the true evidence of the matter. This is because the device is connected in most of the cases under the vehicle of the suspected person. The device corrects and records information that is said in the vehicle. The device also reports when the vehicle is in motion or when the vehicle is on stationary (Wells 28). However, the main question is what if another stranger, who might be a criminal or a person with questionable character, is in the car. What if the car is stolen or hijacked by members of a certain gang group; the owner of the vehicle might be in a position that is hard to get out of it. This gives the reason why government should not rely on this method of collecting evidence. The argument also gives the reason why the government should not use it to prosecute anyone in wrongdoing (Gershman 927).

The Government Rights. Custom The Government Rights Essay Writing Service || The Government Rights Essay samples, help

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