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The Court of Supreme

The Court of Supreme defends the law by arguing that only an amendment to the Constitution can alter the decision of the court. Even if the GPS helps in tracking some of the crimes, the government should not forget that it imposed the law to be respected by the citizens. Therefore, the same government should not be in the front line in leading the citizens not to respect the same law (Jørund et al, 12). The GPS should not be used without a court warrant in order to show that the government respects the right of all the citizens. Moreover, the government has other techniques that it imposes when it requires to get evidence of a certain issue. The government should not use the GPS as a method of finding evidence because the system is against the rights entitled in the American Constitution. Some people claim that those who made the fourth amendment into law did not forecast the future technology. Although the early lawmakers managed to pass the amendment into law, no one has the right to go against what the law entails (Wells 28).



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