Building Control

The firm should implement Building Control, in order to provide the protection of individuals’ health, safety, as well as the welfare and the convenience of people in and about the proposed development. The major aim of this purpose is to make use of the Building Regulations that combine the Building Act and the laws designed to ensure that building and that people occupy or are accessible and developed in a healthy, safe, energy conserving and convenient way. This is achieved by monitoring plans of the proposed development and through inspection of the site (James, 2005, p.p 34).

Party Wall

The Party Walls Act is not enforced by the Building Controls, since it is a matter of private law. However, if the development project may affect the neighborhood, then it is necessary to work on an existing wall or structure that is shared. The firm can also construct standing wall up to a stipulated distance with an adjacent property. Furthermore, if the firm will conduct an excavating work, then it is necessary to identify if the development falls within the Act (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, 2007). The firm should discuss the decision on what is proposed, in order to resolve any dispute with neighbors.

Summary and Recommendations

This report provides an insight on the importance of statutory controls that are aimed at setting standards for the design and construction that may be applicable to the firm. However, the planning system does not aim at protecting the interest of one party against the activities of the other parties. Thus, the basic question is whether the proposed development will have detrimental effects on the existing land-use that should be protected in the interest of the majority. It is essential to incorporate other non-planning legislation that may place the statutory control on planning authorities and the general requirements of other necessary legislation.



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