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Most of the United States citizens protect the historical role of the US against the claims of Imperialism. This is particularly common in the prominent political individuals. For instance, the former secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated that: "We don't seek empires. We're not imperialistic. We never have been" (Scott 2010).  Military historian max boot in the defense of the US deed in the Philippines says that the atrocities that were done there were not significant in scale and in circumstances, boot whole defending the United States intention, which he sees as well intentioned and of benefits to both the United States and the Philippines people. He goes ahead to state that the US went to war with Spain to liberate the Cubans, the Filipinos and the Puerto Ricans from their oppressive burden. In the Philippines followed its common pattern via the following quote, "the United States would set up a constabulary, a quasi-military police force led by Americans and made up of local enlisted men. Then the Americans would work with local officials to administer a variety of public services, from vaccinations and schools to tax collection. American officials, though often resented, usually proved more efficient and less venal than their native predecessors…. Holding fair elections became a top priority because once a democratically elected government was installed; the Americans felt they could withdraw"(Scott 2010).

The United States expansion overseas was imperialistic; however, the imperialism was not a permanent notion, the Spanish-American war expansionism was a passing imperialistic wish and an immense aberration in American history that was very different type of territorial growth that of the past American history. Liberalist internationalists’ arguments are that despite that fact that United States dominates the world, the type taken by the dominance is not imperial and that the international institutions have replaced the empires in the United States.

There existing controversy on then issue of the assumed US cultural imperialism is much different from the assumed US military imperialism. Nonetheless, critics of imperialism argue that cultural imperialism is not sovereign from military imperialism. The Non-US and precisely the Non- Westerners are viewed in a racist perspective in the United States in an approach that permits imperialism to be vindicated via ideas such as the white man’s burden among others. Researchers who differ with the theory of US cultural imperialism or the theory of cultural imperialism in broad argue that what is considered as cultural imperialism by many people is not linked to any kind of military authority.

In accordance to the development of the American empire discussed above, it’s clear that the American empire is in decline and has been deteriorating since the oil shocks of the 1973 to date. There exists an understanding that imbedded that the United States is an Empire. These postulations are on the basis of the recognition that the United States has military basis almost in every corner of the world an it’s ideological, economical and political power are practiced in imperial locations of US influence. While the United States is still in control in command over power in some parts of the world, there exist some chief cracks in the shield that seem to be increasingly growing. This is due to the major reason that every empire declines like the US Empire is heading.

The Claims of Imperialism. Custom The Claims of Imperialism Essay Writing Service || The Claims of Imperialism Essay samples, help

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