The African History of Oral Traditions

The movie is an analysis of the African history of oral traditions. These oral traditions were commonly passed from generation to another through the word of mouth. Putting it in action is an attempt to have a permanent source of literature to future generations. This film serves as a link between the old tradition and the modern generation where modernity is the order of the day. The narrators editing style is a congruence of the ancient story telling method and the avant-garde modern technique. He has more interest in transforming the African culture to a usable element and not the conflicting and confusing mixture. In this movie, the costumes were chosen carefully so as to represent the given forms of characterization (Diop, 2005). Therefore, it has improved to a great extent, the structure of the film.

The film’s intention is to magnify the human nature of the people in the society. The symptoms of modernity were symbolized by the hybridity of the structured cultural alienation. Other than rejecting the colonialists’ culture, young men were seen aspiring to be part of the contemporary European culture. This interest in transformation results to cultural conflicts. It also brings with it the hunger for money that makes them seek their fortune to foreign cities. The dream of getting rich in the new land, a city far away from home, become chattered down by the hostility that welcome the young couple in Paris. Disillusionment is one of the factors that have made the movie turn the event in the manner they turned (Treut, 1999).

The pastoral, sounds visual elements were brought about by the colliding montage, discordant sonic accompaniment and the juxtaposed pre-modern society. The song”Paris! Paris! Paris!” is a misunderstanding held by the African youth, thinking that this place was a heaven on earth, which in real senses it is not. They are just mythical dreams of money hungry youths who think that it is a land of opportunities. Thus, the title of the story, ‘The journey of the hyena’, refers to the youths who betray their mother country for a far city that appears illusory flowery from a distance.



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