Racial minorities and women in U.S.A during World War II

World War II was of much impact on women and minorities like the African Americans who were generally the major racial minority in the U.S. The African Americans were discriminated and segregated during this war. The migration of Black Americans to the South and to the North during this war led to their discrimination, segregation, and racism in homes and social services. The crushing poverty in the South had also a major impact on the African Americans. However, it is important to note that it was not only the African Americans who were suppressed but also the German Jewish and Japanese Americans were minorities. Since the number of the African Americans was large they were able to get jobs and establish a good position in the society in terms of leadership. Mexican Americans was a race towards the American Southwest but because of their luxuriant employment they were able to subject other races. This enabled them to gain employment and positions in the local agriculture and recruitment into the military.

Discrimination against women during the World War II was very dominant. In majority of war plants, there was a lack of manpower and they were run badly. The solution of shortage in manpower and poor running of the war plants was women, who were and were not utilized. Most numerous married workers were women. A lot of girls left school to work early in various factories and got married (Hixson, 2003, p. 131). However, between 1940 and 1944, married women had to join labor forces and by late 1940s the number of married black women employed exceeded those single. The government limited young mothers from working. The women engaged in employment and army opened the way forward especially for the back women. Finally, it is significant to consider that racial minorities in the U.S during World War II were mainly observed over the German Jewish and the Japanese Americans.



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