Abolitionism and How it Changed America

Abolitionism is the end of slavery along with racial segregation and discrimination of the black community (Eisenstark & Weber, 2010). In abolitionism, techniques to fight against slavery do not matter. For this reason, abolitionists were using any strategy to ensure that there was an end to slavery, racial segregation, and discrimination (Eisenstark & Weber, 2010). Moreover, abolitionism’s aim was to end the transatlantic slave trade since it was the key trade centre for slavery. Abolitionism started in the early fifteenth century with the purposes of ending slavery in Europe. In America, abolitionism started in 1830s; its appearance was connected with the name of William Lloyd Garrison (Newman, 2002). Garrison believed that not only did the slaves need freedom, but also they needed the same rights as the whites (Newman, 2002). Therefore, abolitionism made significant changes in America.

The greatest change was the liberation of the black community and the change of thought in every American’s mind. Before abolitionism, there was no liberation of slaves. Secondly, Americans did not think about the human rights of the slaves. After the movements of abolitionism, there was liberation of slaves and change in thoughts of every American (Newman, 2002). Abolitionism brought education to slaves. In the past, slaves were not provided with the opportunity to get education. However, due to abolitionism, many blacks were receiving education as one of the ways to reduce the gap between blacks and whites (Eisenstark & Weber, 2010).

In addition, abolitionism made significant changes in religion. In the past, there was no involvement of religion in eradicating slavery. However, due to abolitionism, different religious societies including the whites joined to the movement towards the end of slavery in America (Eisenstark & Weber, 2010). As a result, abolitionism changed the religious views on slavery. Finally, the greatest change made by abolitionism was the end of slavery in America. Although it did not happen instantly, it was abolitionism that brought the end to slavery in America. To signify this moment, there was the signing of law emancipating slaves in America (Newman, 2002).



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