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Sociological and psycho-sociological aspects are the widely considered as the major cause of crimes. Research has indicated that the desire for people to have material things to elevate their social status has lead to crimes. The desire for expensive things and money leads to crimes such as burglaries, robberies, and auto thefts. There are also the sociological aspects of peer pressure and influence.  Corruption in the correctional system has also facilitated these challenges, faced by the management of these centers. In other words, too much freedom has been given to the rich inmates who can afford to bribe security guards. As a result, this cooperation has led to several breakouts, and, therefore, risking the lives of people in society (Clear, 2012).

In order to reduce the crime rate, federal government that manages correctional systems in United States should enforce a stronger police department that will be able to curb illegal activities (Siegel & Bartollas, 2011). This police unit should consist of specialized detectives that are fully trained and acquire appropriate skills to curb illegal activities. The police department unit should work in conjunction with other related police units such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation unit (FBI), the SWAT and the night patrolling officers. Together, these police defense units can be able to stop the criminal activities and protect the ordinary people from threats because of the combination of the authority power, which they are able to provide. The combination of these various forces of the investigation police makes it easier for tracking down the criminals who would, otherwise, be a threat to the entire community. The criminals are stopped from carrying out illicit activities and apprehended, after which they are brought to justice by being taken into prison for behavior rectification.

In the quest of reforming the correctional system, the federal government should enforce a criminal investigative department that will ensure justice in the legal system. The criminal investigation department section, in some cases, is forced to use spies to investigate a criminal group before taking any action, concerning legal action on the criminals. In unusually critical situations, the criminal investigation department group is forced to attach micro chips on the body of the spy to get the exact planning and information about the gang group. The micro chip recording devices are exceedingly minute but can save a lot of information that can be retrieved later by the use of computer. The unit can also install video analyzing micro chip on the objects that are commonly used by the criminals such as pens, clothes, shoes and cars that the criminals use regularly to trace and observe what the criminals are planning and how to track them down with ease. By using such improvised technology, the criminal investigation police department is able to track down criminals, detain them and make justice (Clear, Cole & Reisig, 2011).

In conclusion, it is evident that apart from overcrowded prisons, early release of inmates, improper rehabilitative programs, and incompetent prison guards the whole justice system needs changes so as to fight these challenges.

Cause of Crimes. Custom Cause of Crimes Essay Writing Service || Cause of Crimes Essay samples, help

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