The Marketing

The competition among learning institutions have increased with the increasing number of colleges. It needs good marketing strategy and extra efforts to convince the students that it is the best institution from various perspectives. Marketing for EKU would therefore include but not limited to the following:

Attractive and Sound Mission Statement

A good mission and vision statements should be able to distinguish EKU from other colleges, focus attention, challenge attitudes, introduce alternatives, and address empirical issues. The students should be able to see how they are going to benefit and feel part of the institution from the mission statement. The main focus should be the students, how the college is going to shape their future lives, and how they are able to benefit the society after going through EKU. Good mission statement improves the institution’s communication, sense of purpose, decision making and marketing.

Forming an Alumni Association

The best marketers of a college are the alumni; the potential students would be interested to find out the benefit the alumni got from this institution. It is sometimes difficult to find out such information because the alumni are spread all over the world-some may be working while others may not be working. An alumni association will therefore bring together a good number of the former EKU graduates. They will be able to tell the current students of their achievements after EKU life. This will, encourage and motivate the students to have a sense of belonging and altogether, they are able to sell EKU wherever they go. In addition, alumni also assist the institution with material resources such as books and other donations and contributions.

Offer Variety of Courses at Various Campuses

Although EKU is a business College, it is possible and will be of great benefit if it offers other courses related to business-for instance, the TV courses, Journalism, Tourism, among others. EKU has an advantage of having five campuses of which, if utilized well, more students will be attracted to EKU especially if the fees are relatively cheaper.

Constructing Food Restaurant near BTC Building

The location of BTC Building without food services offer challenge to students, apart from vending machines. This reduces the number of interested students to join EKU. The solution is to strategically construct cafeterias and restaurants that offer variety of foods to the students.

Compulsory Attachments

Attachment programs should be made compulsory so that students are assured of practicing their knowledge and skills gained from the campus before they graduate. Although the internship under the co-operative program also assists the students, mandatory attachment should be made the entire mandate of the institution rather than other professionals. The attachment helps students to gain the experience of their field of study. 

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Introducing mentoring program

Advising staff should be changed to mentoring program so that every student is assigned to his or her mentor from the day of admission. The mentor-student relationship will be like that of father-son relationship. It will be of great benefit to advising staff because the relationship will be consistent and the mentor will offer wider services to help solve the students’ problems through sharing.

Branding the College

EKU management should embrace the strategy of online marketing in their website where people from every part of the world can access the information about the institution. Social media such as "facebook" and “twitter” also helps to reach more people. This will help to create a platform in which funs, friends, students and alumni are able to interact and provide suggestions that help develop EKU. Brand its educational products that make it different from other colleges. This aims at creating a sense of belonging, trust and confidence among the students, educational products and the employer.

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