Enough Resources in the Economy

The current society is characterized by indecency and selfishness when it comes to resource allocation. Most of the developed and developing countries have deprived resources either through exhaustion or misappropriation. However, where the world would have an organized state of system that will utilize the resource available in a sublime manner, more than 8 billion would have decent live, secure, happy and fulfilling lives. These attribute will only be achieved when the society will be endowed with humane living and enhance fair distribution of resources across the society. However, in the current scenario, it is yet to be achieved (Cunningham et al., 2007).

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Ideally, in this perspective, decent live implies that an individual is able to live without any imminent effects on the societal way of norm. The resources available in the society can cater for the needs of over 8 million people (Brauch, 2009). Regarding secure lives, the society can use available resources to provide security through employment of security personnel to guard the wealth of the individuals. In addition, happy and fulfilling lives will be achieved as the resources available will be used to finance an individual’s   recreational facilities. The secondary needs of the society will be met; especially the education needs. 

However, individuals in the society have different understanding of decent, secure, happy and fulfilling lives. Most people may perceive that happy and fulfilling lives is achieved when an individual can have resources to enjoy life by drinking and smoking, touring places, and attending to entertainment sites (Brauch, 2009).. However, secure lives may imply having a financial security in case of emergencies like hospital bills and education. Although different perspectives may be posited by individuals, in my opinion, resources available will cater for the needs of more than 8 million people. 

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