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Daniel J. Phaneuf

Daniel J. Phaneuf is one of those outstanding scientists of modernity who are known not only for their scientific and professional activities, but also for their success in social and family fields. Being a professor of Agricultural Applied Economics, he is highly experienced in teaching in universities, publishing own scientific works, editing and direction. However, all of the abovementioned do not make the whole list of his achievements. Therefore, activity of Daniel J. Phaneuf should be studied in more details in order to estimate his value in modern economic science.

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Being an environmental economist with a wide expertise in applied economics and non-market valuation, Daniel J. Phaneuf has taught in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, at the University of Wisconsin since 2012.He was born in May 26, 1968 in the USA. His wife, Dr. Silke Schmidt, is from Germany. In spite of the professor’s busy academic life, he always finds much time to spend with his wife and their little son Tammo and daughter Finja. Taking into account the fact that he is not simply an economist, he is ecology economist; professor proves his love to the nature by having a dog of Welsh Springer Spaniel breed at home. In 1990, in Saint John’s University, Phaneuf received BS in Economics. In 1997, in Iowa State University, he successfully defended his Ph.D. graduation project in Economics. As a result, Phaneuf is an expert in the fields of applied econometrics and natural and environmental resource economics (Phaneuf, 2010).

Phaneuf has a long time of employment in his field of Agricultural and resource Economics. At first, he started working as an assistant professor in 1998 at the North Carolina State University. From 2012 till present day, Daniel Phaneuf works at the University of Wisconsin as Faculty Affiliate in the University Department of Economics and Associate Professor. Besides, while working at the North Carolina State University, he headed the local Center for Environmental and Resource Economics and Policy at various times. Due to his rich experience of teaching and excellent knowledge in the field of Environmental Economics, Phaneuf is an author of a huge amount of various journal articles, books, books chapters, reports and other academic writings. Today, he is the author of several scientific works in progress as well. In addition, Professor Phaneuf is a managing editor, co-editor, editorial council and reviewer for a lot of various journals. Moreover, he is a member of two American economic and environmental associations and a committee of several ecological programs (“Daniel James Phaneuf,” 2012).

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Taking into account his huge experience in teaching and writing, Daniel J. Phaneuf is very important for the world of modern science as an actor who made a great contribution to the development of applied econometrics and non-market valuation. Phaneuf worked on property value models, recreation demand and other preference approaches. His application studies and work is mainly focused on the use of land, invasive species and water quality. He also attracts attention of the educational community by his current work over textbook of a Ph.D. level for students attending environmental economics courses. In addition, he works as a managing editor in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (“Faculty - Daneil Phaneuf,” 2014).

Numerous works written by Daniel J. Phaneuf show the significance of Agricultural and Resource Economics. This scientific field is involved into examination and analysis of natural resources, agriculture, and related areas in terms of economy. The specifics of this science is that it considers and tries to solve issues connected with economics of agriculture and food, human resources, environment, natural resources, market performance, economic welfare and rural development issues. The researchers are based upon the economic and ecologic policy and education. Scientists of Agricultural and Resource Economics use quantitative methods and rigorous economic theory in order to address mentioned issues (“Agricultural & Resource Economics,” n.d.).

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Taking into account all abovementioned information, it should be noted that Daniel J. Phaneuf is not simply a professor working at university. He is an important scientist who made a great contribution to the development of Agricultural and Resource Economics. His numerous theoretical works enriched the global scientific base helping to solve numerous issues concerning land and water use, ecological and economic welfare, etc. Therefore, this person attracts a considerable attention of modern society.

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