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Solutions to Problem or Exercise

L’Oréal is a company that offers the best cosmetics for men and women in terms of quality, efficacy, and safety. Its mission is to provide everyone with the access to beauty through offering products in harmony considering their needs, culture, and expectations.  L’Oréal has made commitments to carry out its mission which is to make beauty universal in a sustainable and responsible manner. In order to achieve competitive advantage, L’Oréal has made efforts to ensure that employees achieve personal development, international learning opportunities, as well as the integration of new recruits into existing teams in order to build a core competency and achieve competitive capabilities.

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By having more that 66,000 employees in 66 countries, L’Oréal is committed to developing the competencies and expertise of all the employees in order to support the continued growth of the firm. The company has various development centers; it provides online next-generation learning and various in-house tailored training programs. The firm offers a global recruitment strategy and a vigorous management trainee program that focuses on the developing markets. The team is enriched with cultural diversity. It provides a research that is able to grasp the complexities in the world and explores new scientific and technological innovations enriched by a global dimension. In addition, it offers international learning opportunities to its employees; hence, the knowledge and different cultures and rituals worldwide ensure that its laboratories anticipate and introduce new products for the future use. The integration of new recruits into existing teams assists in ensuring that the vast diversity of employees makes the team get enriched with knowledge of different cultures. The above factors have made the company to carry out its activities with an active involvement of its employees, hence attaining a better position by being ranked among the top sustainable and ethical companies globally.

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Exelon Corporation

Exelon Corporation is an electric utility that works to meet a high standard in all aspects of energy from generation and marketing to delivery. The overall corporate organizational chart of Exelon Corporation displays 28 main executives, and as it appears, the strategy-critical activities are tied to functional, process, and geographic departments. The operational structure of the company includes main divisions, operating companies, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. The functional activities of Exelon Corporation are performed by thee distinct business units consisting of power team, Exelon generation, and Exelon power. Exelon power is comprised of Exelon wind that is solely responsible for wind projects, Exelon hydro which is responsible for hydroelectric generation facilities, and the Exelon Solar that is responsible for the nation’s largest solar facility. The Exelon power team is in charge of marketing division of the firm. Therefore, the company’s organizational structure can be better categorized as a divisional structure.

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Exelon’s organizational structure can be categorized as a matrix arrangement because it is comprised of a family of companies. The company’s management technique covers a series of dual-reporting relationships rather than a linear management structure. The company’s executive arranges management and employees as a matter of function or product. Thus, through the matrix management, Exelon combines both functional and products department in a dual authority system. Geographically, the facilities of the firm are mainly located in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions as well as in the state of Texas. It is headquartered in Chicago while most of the company’s operations are in southern Pennsylvania and Northern Illinois.

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