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In the recent past the fashion shows have changed to be a like of the thinnest actresses who are young as compared to the previous periods where the fashion show used to be famous of bad girl diva conduct. Their dramatically low weight has created heated debate among people in different parts of the world with many critics claiming that their body figure has got an adverse effect on men ability to admire women and others are even at risk of suffering from anorexia nervosa as seen from the death of two South American models. The requirement for body weight index vary with different model company with some having it as a requirement while others do not consider it at all.Doctors maintain that the health of a young woman is at risk if it falls below a certain body mass index (BMI) for instance the desired 18. It results to loss of menstrual cycle and osteoporosis. Therefore the person will not be fit for the show until she fully regains her good health status. Again, most of the models are pressurized by their companies or agents to be thin. Due to this, many become victims of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. This has resulted to the death of many models in the recent past. Others may often use drugs to fulfill their desires to be thin hence they will not be on pressure to adopt acute diets and will not be asked for doctor's certificate. Many of the models body sizes have influenced the eating behaviors of other young girls who try to imitate the body size therefore the models should be held responsible for this. Other websites go to an extent of advocating for anorexia and use of skeletal models as an illustration of fashion.The fashion industries should therefore be responsible for its actions of making thinness a norm to be desired. The fashion is accelerating a detrimental image for ladies to aspire to as shown by various studies. The studies indicate that most women anticipate that they have excess weight even if they are okay health wise. This has lead to most of them being guilty of themselves and depressed, to start consuming slimming products and fad diets.  The thin models should receive protection from the state so that they can reduce the harm on themselves (Pahl & Mohring 102). The eating disorders are mental illness which are beyond the rational decisions of the actress coupled with their education levels and age it is necessary for the state to step in and protect them. The fashion shows pull a big crowd hence making a change with it will create a big impact. Though many people will not buy the fashion being showcase the show involves a lot of the famous celebrities covered in the magazines read by many people. The clothes usually influence the street fashions which only fits well on an unhealthy thin lady (Tungate 87).

Arguments Against

The thin models play a crucial role in the promotion of designer's products since figure it out desirably. Any restrictions on body mass will therefore affect their work and the need to have models. Again the restrictions on body mass may not be effective this is because body mass index only take into account the height and weight but not fat percentage and bone density. Many of the models are young women who eat normally but they naturally turn out to be skinny. The models should only be asked for a doctor's certificate that indicates their health status and the restrictions should be based on age since most of the models are exploited sexually. The industry should also not be blame by many as the engine for eating disorders since the disorder is a mental illness. It is not perpetuated by the images of thin ladies or models. The disorders should be resolved amicably through open discussion (Morrison 68).The rule should not be biased to only models but to other role models as well who have a great impact in the society. They also have a great following that skew their behaviors their way. Many celebrities and even teachers are slim therefore banning one also means the others should be banned. Most of the models are grown ups that can make their own desired decisions concerning their careers and body images. For many it is a realization of a long awaited dream just like bodybuilders hence we can shutter it just like that. The fashion industry is not the sole opinion former there are others like celebrity magazines which promotes women views. They run stories to do with body figures and also have illustrations on celebrities being criticized for their overweight (Hammond 67).Laws and models cannot be justified as the sole modifier of human behavior and character. Most of the people are capable of making their own good ways of life. Therefore models and celebrities should be left out to realize their ambitions and dreams and people should be encouraged to be the sole mentor of their health. The media should play its sole role of guiding the populace to doing the right thing not models or celebrities. The fashion industries should also blend the different body sizes in their shows so as to gather for the overweight niche.



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