Comparing the Ways that Girls Wear Make Throughout Taiwan

One of the most popular products in the world today is cosmetics. Women use cosmetics on a daily basis for numerous reasons. Despite the popular belief, men use cosmetics as well. There are cosmetics all over the world and each part of the world has its own unique form of cosmetics. Taiwan has different forms of cosmetics that make it truly unique. There are different forms of cosmetics from the north, south, and middle-south sections of Taiwan below. I will also describe the differences in the way people put on makeup between the north, south, and middle-south sections of Taiwan.

At first, I would like to compare styles. There are three different styles in Taiwan. For example, in the north of Taiwan, people always put on too much makeup, such as smoky eyes. It’s really famous that people who lived in the north of Taiwan like to do that. By putting smoky eyes, people become more attractive than others. It represents north of Taiwan as more fashionable and attractive in Taiwan. The style here could be “much makeup represent attractively.” The next are people who lived in the south of Taiwan. In the south of Taiwan, people usually put on pre-makeup to protect the skin from sun. They will not put much makeup on the face. The normal style in the south of Taiwan is a nature style. Only put the pre-makeup to make one self become more energetic. The suitable sentence to describe the style of south of Taiwan could be “nature is beauty.” On the other hand, people who lived in the middle-south of Taiwan. It’s a combination from north to south. People who lived here put the cosmetics with their willing, they can use either much makeup or pre-makeup by themselves. The style in the middle-south of Taiwan could be “willing is more necessary than nature.”

The second point of view, difference between people put on makeup in different section of Taiwan. As I said, people who lived in the north of Taiwan will put much makeup on face, especially eyes. The first sight that people usually see is eyes. So, the eyes cosmetics products are hot in the north of Taiwan. They put much makeup on face, such as smoky eyes, and trying to catch everyone’s attention at first sight. Next point of view, people who lived in the south of Taiwan seldom put much makeup. Due to weather, cosmetics will be taken off easily. People always put on pre-makeup to protect skin from sun. It’s quite simple in the south of Taiwan. Be energetic every day is the most important thing for people who lived in the south of Taiwan. Finally, middle-south of Taiwan, it’s a combination that people put makeup by self-willing. People who live here can put much makeup to become more attractive or being nature. Because of the weather here is suitable and reach the fashion information easily, people can put on makeup by their willing.

In conclusion, different sections of Taiwan have their own ways of putting on makeup. This is due to the personality, habits, and fashion of the three different sections. No matter which section of Taiwan you are in, cosmetics is the most popular product. Both men and women use it. The cosmetics allows people to express their individuality and engage in a rich cultural atmosphere. 

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