Individual Appearance

An individual can be termed as a person or any object that is specific. In the past centuries and even in the current times, individual refers to anything which is numerically single and sometimes, it means a person. On the other hand, the word individuality, which derives, from the term individual is a state of being distinct from other persons and possessing ones own unique qualities, needs, goals, and desires. Individualist's appearance over time has been judged by the physical appearance. Subsequently, Physical appearance is defined in most cases in how a person grooms himself or herself. This narrows down to clothing and accessories one wears. The discourse of fashion in the 21st century has been given much attention and respect. Read a magazine, an article; turn on the television and even the radio you will never miss a column or a show on fashion. Fashion is not only a large constituent of telling an individualist's physical appearance but also tells how or what one thinks. We can get a hint of what or how a person thinks judging from how she or he dresses.The new age of fashion is characterized by over investment in issues of appearance of and an unprecedented interest in novelty. In the real of elegance, fashion has asserted itself as a sublime object and this epoch shapes most of individual appearances. Fashion as a trend is, however, a constantly changing phenomenon. An individualist's appearance as mentioned earlier is unique to every person. Among other things, which form an, individual's appearance besides clothing is how one grooms. For instance, how a person shaves give one a certain personality. The manner in which one speaks and expresses himself not to mention other facial expressions such as a smile, a grin, constitute a larger part of a person's appearance. It is paramount too note that all these features are unique to an individual. In conclusion, individualist's appearance varies from one individual to another, and it is hard to find two people sharing the same appearances, not even with the Siamese twins.

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