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Battle Royal

Battle Royal

In life we  all go through many challeges just to be able to achieve our dreams . Our whole life is like a battle . Some of this challeges are caused by  factors like our racial backgrounds and  the class that we occupy in the society .This factors determine how the society we live in would view us , how the high and mighty in the society would treat us and how  we may be able to achieve our goals.

The  class that we occupy in society determines how we lead our lives. If we are part of the lowly this gives the welloff in society  the right to treat the us worse than animals. What for? Just for their own entertainment. we are used as toys, some of us are stripped naked  in front of crowds of the rich.Making us lose our dignity. Others get blindfolded so as to fight with our  own brothers for a meagre payments and fake rewards. we are abused just  for their enjoyment.

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Our racial backgrounds at times makes our lives misserable. We have to struggle greatly. Sometimes we have to lie all our lives, and advise our children to do the same in order to survive.  Our goals and dreams do not mean anything to our fellow beings. Ecspecially the rich.  When we want to show our  talents or be rewarded we have to be used to please them. We have to participate in battle royals to be allowed to gives speeches so as to express our talents .Even our own brothers help crash our dreams. They knock us out  in the ring for their own pride.Just because of our race we are called abusive names. We are not allowed to use some words in front of others.We are tricked into thinking that we may have great rewards yet what we get is pain.Even when sleeping our dreams destroy our hope.

Life to us is a battle. For us to survive we have to counter this challenges and hope for a better and brighter future. A future where we shall all be recognised as equals in the society no matter our racial backgrounds. Where not matter how lowly the society will rate us, our dignity and dreams  will be respected.   

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