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The Issue of Communication

The Issue of Communication

The issue of communication has emerged as a critical component in the running of organizations. Based on culture, communication styles differ greatly (Briscoe & Schuler, 2004). When communication styles diversify, the implication is that workers would find difficulties fitting into a different cultural system. For instance, a worker may be unable to understand a message delivered by a foreigner. The problems get even worse when using the non-verbal form of communication. As an illustration, smiling, eye contact, touching and distance between parties could hold different meanings based on the cultural environment. Equally, other elements such as accents, contexts or acronyms may present other obstacles regarding communication across cultures. This realization also supports the need for intercultural training before sending employees on international assignments.

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A manager should exhibit a high level of responsiveness. In addition, a manager needs to continuously learn emerging trends in management sector. Another key aspect is communication. In this regard, a manager must master communication skills in order to supervise effectively. Business leaders or managers also need to hone their skills in reference to the ability to communicate effectively, inspire, possession of a high level of integrity, and ability to learn. These attributes are mentioned because they have a bearing on the success that an organization attains.

Communication plays a crucial role in any organization. A team leader, supervisor or any person in charge must enhance their communication skills in order to stand a good chance of influencing workers to perform as expected. When going about organizational activities, need to maintain good communication channels to allow for free flow of information is critical. Persons who occupy leadership or supervisory positions have added responsibilities of liaising with teams and top management with a view to developing appropriate work mechanisms. As a team leader, it is necessary to communicate employee concerns to the top management and relay back the feedback to the workers. Employee issues may involve safety concerns, hostile work environment, inadequate pay, etc. The objective of this presentation is to assist business managers comprehend how to concur effectively in cross-cultural communications.

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