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Business Communication

Business Communication


The essay below considers strategies which a newly hired CEO of an organization would consider in the improvement of the relationship between the management and the stakeholders of a 250-bed community hospital in Midwest so as to improve the performance of the entire organization

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Business communication

The success of the operations of any organization is highly determined by the communication strategies applied between all the parties involved. The stakeholders are the major owners of any organization because they are the sources of revenues required to support the activities. The operations of an organization have to follow the concept of group work so as to easily achieve the goals and objectives set. This means that all the parties including the permanent and subordinate staff, stakeholders, the patients and some other members of the external community who may be of mutual benefit to the organization should be involved either in the planning, organization and implementation of the activities (Kaul, 2004).

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The CEO should dedicate most of his time talking to the stakeholders either through formal or informal form of communication; this can be by oral, written or electronic. Quarterly or annually publications should be released to the concern to keep them updated on the activities in the organization.  The management can also talk face to face to their audiences or organize general meeting which can also be televised to reach as many people as possible. The use of the internet has also brought about methods of mass communication whereby the management posts the information on the website for the stakeholders and others to access mostly on daily basis. The communication between the management and the stakeholders is also essential for the effective process of decision making because all will have an opportunity to express their views and opinion.


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Effective communication between the management and the stakeholders of a health organization ensures success in all the operations. The stakeholders should be always updated on all the activities taking place in an organization as well as the process of decision making so as to give their views or opinion. This should be done through all forms of communication to ensure that as mass audience is reached.

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