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Telecommunication technology developed in 1990s, and it has had a lot of advances from that time. Telecommunications technology has improved communication of people. Communication is made easy and exchanging information over a distance simpler. Telecommunication technology has developed a lot over the years. In the 1990’s telecommunication was limited to wired communication (Landy, Levin & Shapiro, 2007). Today there is the development of wireless gadgets such as mobile phones. There is faster transmission of data due to wireless communication.

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I own a Smartphone and a laptop. These telecommunication devices have facilitated my conversation with my friends. I can easily send emails instead of making calls. This provides an affordable means of communication. There are a lot of interactions between people through the social sites like facebook and twitter. Telecommunications has contributed in making the world a global village with interconnectedness.

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Operating the telecommunication devices is challenging. One has to acquire basic knowledge on operating these devices. My father was an IT specialist, and I had an opportunity to gain some skills. I can easily connect my Smartphone to the wifi, or create a wifi network from my phone.

Telecommunication technology is fast growing industry.Companies are coming up with more spontaneous gadgets (Telecommunication Union. Comissio%u0301 de les Comunitats Europees,2005 ). There are significant advances especially in production of smart phones. Large companies such as Samsung have come up with exceptionally smart gadgets. The telecommunication companies are facing a lot of competition. They have to deliver what the customer needs.

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Although telecommunication has impacted positively in life, it has some negative impacts. In my personal life, it impacted me through exposure to negative social media. I wasted a lot of time watching pornography. In my opinion parents should protect their children from harmful media. I have a passion to learn how the telecommunication gadgets work. In this course, I expect to learn more on telecommunication gadgets.

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