Social Issues and Criminality

This is an essay on social issues and criminality in the society. The essay will develop the given text on social issues affecting criminality and consequently add social issues affecting the judicial system and the court.Criminality in Canada has been rising rapidly over the years. This is demonstrated by the rise of drug incidents including trafficking and possession all over Canada, but in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) it is more observable. Diverse factors explain the situation, but the main reason is, in my opinion, the presence of gangs in the region. The increased gang presence leads to more gun and drug crimes. I observe in our region an increase in the recruitment of youth to gangs and an increase of the link to criminal organizations operating internationally. In addition, the established gangs also tend to rise against one another as they compete for recruits and the available resources thus accelerating criminality. It has also led to the rise of mafias who execute high rated crimes.Another regional and social issue is the link between socially disorganized areas of the GTA, characterized by poverty, and the disorientation and conflict between parental norms of youths who become a target for gang recruiters. Basic needs and consequent lack have led to criminality as bread winners struggle to get what they cannot afford. Furthermore, I also observe in the GTA an increase in criminality due to substance addiction. Despite the fact that crimes due to the use of illicit drugs are often less serious than organized crime, it still constitutes a regional and a social issue. Illicit drugs destroy peaceful cohabitation and social interaction in the society hence advocating for conflicts. In closing, mental health of people also constitutes a regional and social issue. We have individuals who are de-institutionalized and suffer from mental illness and need support. Mentally challenge people lack focus, lose their senses, reasoning and tend to become violent. Without the appropriate social support, they often are found in our criminal system and might give rise to case coming before the Court of Justice of Ontario. Mentally challenged people can even be forced to under go treatment to avert the society from the crimes they may commit unknowingly.

Another social issue is the racial discrimination factor on grounds of creed, race or color. Though not rampant, it generates criminality as brutality is being exercised on the minorities. Since discrimination is a crime, all issues related to discrimination are brought to court. However, it is factual from literatures that racial discrimination also exists in the judicial system; in jury selection and capital punishments (Craig, 2010). Domestic violence also leads to criminality. The violence extended to an intimate partner is a crime and mandatory arrests for domestic violence has been established (Sonkin, 2010). Marriage issues also lead to criminality. When families decide to divorce, an enmity is generated and if actualized, it forms part of a crime. Divorce is settled in court and hence a social issue affecting the judicial and the court system. Another social issue that has led to criminality is fatherlessness. According to statistics 80% of rapists come from fatherless homes, and 85% of all imprisoned youths grew up in a fatherless home. In addition, fatherless children are about 33 times more likely to be abused by their mothers or the society at large (MacRae, 2000). Hence it is evident that fatherless children are easily recruited to crime and crime can easily be executed on them. Homelessness which is highly linked to fatherlessness also leads to crime. There are also hate crimes as recorded by Ottawa police in 1994; Anti-Semitic hate crime is one of the hate crimes in Canada. Hate crimes directed at Gays and Lesbians are so eminent in Canada and form part of the social issues that affect the judicial system (Roberts, 1995).



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