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Having Children Early in Life

Women who have children before or during college often experience difficulties in managing studies and taking care o f their children. Attending classes while taking care of children can be a very difficult task (Richardson). This is because children usually require the mother's attention. This might deter the mother from attending and concentrating in her studies which often leads to poor performance. There are various causes of early pregnancy among women. As a result of peer pressure, many girls engage in sexually active relationships while in high schools and colleges. These girls do not use effective birth control methods which results to pregnancy. In more unfortunate cases some of the girls may be raped resulting in pregnancy at an early age. Either way most of these girls give birth to children and continue with their college education.These young mothers experience many challenges and find it difficult to raise their children while attending classes. First, majority of students in colleges do not have children and often perceive those who have children at an early age as immoral. Therefore the mother may not be socially active in college. Second, Children require both emotional and material support from the mother. The situation is exacerbated if the mother is not financially stable. This may prompt her to work either part time or full time in order to cater for her needs as well as those of the child. Third, students need to concentrate in class in order to perform well and achieve desirable grades which will enable them secure employment. It is difficult for these mothers to concentrate in their studies because of their parenting responsibilities. At this stage the mother has many responsibilities and may experience stress (Richardson). Infants are hard to manage because they can hardly do anything by themselves; therefore the mother has to study part time. Older children on the other hand may require more financial support because they have to attend school.



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