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Living away from Home. Custom Living away from Home Essay Writing Service || Living away from Home Essay samples, help

There are many reasons or situations that would necessitate someone to live away from their home. Educational, permanent relocation, work related postings, refugee status or even intermarriages to name but a few are some of the reasons why people live away from home. Anyone in this situation will go through a lot of physical and emotional turmoil despite of their degree of settlement in their new homes.One of the effects felt by a majority of people is the pressure to accept and accommodate other people's cultures. A new place means new people with different customs and traditions from yours and integrating one's lifestyle to fit into a new one. It means making new friends and accepting other people's ideas and points of view, opinions and values. An interaction of this kind will be an advantage to both parties as each will learn something new from the other.
Another effect is the feeling of missing everything that you left behind. This feeling is accentuated by the fact that nothing feels or seems familiar anymore. Missing your family and the attention they all paid to you is a very usual thing to do.  You miss your room, your car, your favorite coffee shop, and your bathroom. What you had earlier taken for granted is all of a sudden luxury that you can only access in your memories.
Living away from home gives one exposure to be independent and make decisions without the influence of family. It is almost obvious that one becomes more responsible and nurtures strong feelings of self reliance.All changes are difficult but they are necessary to help us build our character. Most of all it helps us appreciate our families, friends and the things we have. As the saying goes, East or West home is best.

Living away from Home. Custom Living away from Home Essay Writing Service || Living away from Home Essay samples, help

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