User-Case Assignment

A use usually represents the actions essential for the abandonement or enablement of a certain objective. It usually has various paths are the user can take at a particular time. Conversely, a user case scenario is usually a single path through the use case. This assignment is aimed at exploring what a user case scenario entails and will also provide some diagrams to help in visualizing the concept.

One of the examples of a use case scenario is the Automated Alert and Notification System Function. This function explores the application of concepts of information to push technologies to provide surface trasportation to stakeholders with information in a practical manner. technological advancement has provided room for information to move from one person to the other. This is only achieved through effective incorporation of the information gathered. The automated alert generatiion entails responding to inmdividuals in a predesigned threshold for conditions exceeding the existing within either temporal or spartial boundary of interest to a given stakeholder.

According to Rumbaugh (2005),the process of identifying these thresholds and the organization receiving the information is done through a subscription based model whereby the person receiving the first hand information must register for the alert notification by providing an appropriate threshold setting and the preferred method of notification. This is bcause the automated notifier usually applies a preferred method be it electronic or other desired methods. The staeholders in this case span the state trasportation, operations and decision making. Below is an example of a use case scenario.   

Use Case Scenario

According to Rumbaugh (2005), the person wishing to get a book from a book store can use either short message services or email to deliver the message. In this case the consumer delivers the message to the stakeholders so that they can get whatever they want. This is because the requirements of the use case scenario are properly identified and the decision making process is also good and favorable to all the stakeholders. The user can take either “3A1″ or not, other options that the user can take include either “5A1″ or “5A2″ (in either case), or both “5A1″ and “5A2″, and finally another user can either take “10A1″ as an alternative path or not. In this scenario, there are 12 distinct scenarios.

In regards to the functional requirements, the intended behavior is captured. This behavior can be a task, functions, and services that the system is required to perform. One of the most appropriate stratagems for penetrating the market include, producing the core, stripping down, basic products and then adding features to the variants. In information system development, this release strategy is vital in staging the core functionality for quick release and adding features for subsequent release.

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The architectural requirements of the system captures use cases. In developing use-case definition that is superior to only having functional requirements can only be done through a current and planned system. It is vital to have the understanding of what is required so that to capture the cases and cover the major objectives of the user. The proper collaboration is likely to provide a quality performance in the long run. Emergent functionality is very important in assessing the impact of adding functionality on the architecture. However, this must concur with the functional and architectural requirements.

User case ca benefit the programmer in various ways which include: ensuring that correct systems are developed, powerful technique are employed, emphasizing on using lower level scenarios, provision of high level models and providing an objective means f tracking. Also, since it typically uses the collaboration of multiple objects, use case provides a rationale for the messages and also provides an excellent way of communicating with the clientele and users.

Project manager is likely to benefit from user case since they help in determining the performance of the project. Project manager can be sure that the system developed is very correct and is helpful in capturing the requirements. It also makes the work easier for the project manager and also communication is enhanced. Project mangers are also able to draw corresponding interactions. I believe that use case should be employed in various projects since its merits outdo the demerits. Since the major aim of developing user case is to enhance or create an enabling environment towards achieving a specific goal, it is vital that all projects use this system in order to attain their goals. All projects are usually goal oriented and in order to achieve the highest goal ever in their undertakings, they ought to use user case to realize their objectives (Booch et al. 1999).

In conclusion, use case is very important in capturing and communicating functional requirements. They are also the major product definition components. An architecturally relevant subset of use cases for various products is very essential since it plays a valuable role in the process of modeling the case. In most cases, both non-functional and functional requirements are captured. User case is very essential in many ways since it acts as a weapon or a tool that should be in the arsenal of all testers, designers, and programmers. The worst side of user case is that they can significantly compromise the benefits if used inappropriately in the object-oriented development process. The programmers and designers must therefore be aware of such problems and hence minimize scattering the features of user-cases (Rumbaugh, 2005).

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