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 What do you think are the prime advantages and disadvantages of National City Corporation’s "virtual tryouts"?


It will improve the image of a company especially in the eyes of the young generation.

It’s a more focused recruitment method that allows the company to gauge the specific qualities they are looking for.

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The system will be too slow for mass recruitment.

It may feel unfriendly to the upper white-collar executives

 Do you think there would be any EEO concerns regarding this system?


Do you suggest the company tailor its system for different types of candidates?

Yes depending on the job the employee is being recruited for and other factors.

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1.Do you think the San Diego Zoo's old appraisal system needed to be changed?

Yes. Change was needed ensure the appraising was done timely and without bias.

2.What do you think are the pros and cons of using a Web-based appraisal system?


It flees the human resource staff from the administrative tasks.

They are affordable ways of updating appraisal processes and to ensure feedback is delivered.


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There is fear of removing the human element in the appraisal process.

3. How do you the new appraisal system will affect employees and the types of employees who work at the zoo?

It will motivate the employees because it recognizes and rewards hard work.

It will help the zoo attract and retain talent.

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