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Problem or Issue Investigation and Solution

The case that I have chosen to investigate is about the girl who was doing one program twenty years ago. The program offered you to try yourself working in a particular field that you choose. She ended eventually in the corporate office. It was hard but she liked to work there. Everything was going well till one day her supervisor made a remark about her clothes. After that accident their relationships became worse. Nevertheless, later she moved to another office and had to cooperate with her former supervisor. As the result, this research is devoted to the investigation and finding solution to this problem.

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At first, I would take a break for a week and make this manager  understand how it is to work without one employee. It will be also a time for me to think about the situation. After this short break, the attitude of the manager might change and I will try to talk to her. However, I should do it carefully. Mr Farrell recommends  (Farrell, 2011), “Meet with your manager to address your concerns. Keep your emotions intact. Do not scream, yell or become aggressive. Keep your tone calm and even. Be careful not to point the finger or focus on individual, but rather seek to understand and resolve any concerns the manager may have which lead to the mean behaviour. Ask open-ended questions. Ask how you can better support him or her”.

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Secondly, I would gather all the information about how  these payments can be done without conducting them with the help of this manager. I can search for the information on the Internet or use office materials. I have found that they can mail my check or, according to Unemployment Insurance payment (2012), they can provide me with option of direct deposit.  

Moreover, I will make notes of every late deposit from this department. When I will do it for some time, for example, for one month, and then present all the materials to the boss, it can help me to talk to him and maybe he will understand me. However, when I would see that the situation is not getting better, I will plan my exit as soon as possible, updating my resume and circulating it internally.

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In conclusion, it is important to say that there can be many solutions to each problem or issue that we face  and everyone should choose the one that is the most appropriate for him or her. Although it does not mean that other people will agree with your decision, you should put all the efforts to achieve the best result.

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