Air transport is one of the most commonly used mode of transport for international businesses such as the importation and exportation of flowers and other light goods that are perishable. It has played a major role in promoting tourism, hence, boosting the economy of many countries. The advantage of air transportation is that it is faster than other means of transport and can reach areas where other means of transport cannot reach. However, it is an expensive means. It also requires huge capital investments and space limiting its operations to the Government or the very rich investors. To carry on the air transportation smoothly, an air oversight program should be established to issue and reject certificates of pilots and regulate the transportation in space.

The post office in conjunction with delivery of airmail marked the history of the airline invention. Since transportation of mails by rail was too slow, there was the need to establish a faster means of transport. In order to control the air transportation activities, the aviation oversight program was established.

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Research analysis asserts that air transportation was developed out of the need to deliver mails through long distances. The use of rails and roads was too slow and inconvenient, especially for businesspersons. Banks could not carry on their transactions quickly due to the slow modes of transportation. This led to the first invention of the air transportation. In 1910, a department store in Dayton transported a bolt of silk to Columbus which was a faster delivery compared to the rail. The American Railway Express also invented an inverted Handley-Page bomber in 1919 and tried to transport freight from Washington to Chicago, which failed due to a frozen radiator. Research analysis also identifies successful flights in 1913, where a hydroplane was used to transport people from San Francisco to Oakland harbors. According to Breyer (1990), this was an important invention as many companies joined the air transport that promoted international business which boosted the European economy. In 1914, the first passenger air service, which was not international and sustained transported people to Tampa by an airboat line. This did not reach the six qualifications that were needed for an aircraft service that included daily transportation, regular service sustained amongst other requirements.

Research affirms that the proper commercial airlines were not operational until after the Second World War when the all-cargo airplanes were invented. In 1926, the National Air Transport Company was founded to transport parcels, but it delivered its first cargo in 1927, from Dallas to New York. United airlines set up an all-cargo airline service in 1940. It used the Douglas DC-40. It transported mails from New York to Chicago. A move that steered the airline transportation was the union of the TWA, American and United and Eastern air cargo to transport freight. This airline was mostly used during the Second World War to transport food, weapons and soldiers to warring countries. There are a number of companies in the air transportation sector that include, FedEx and United airlines that transport people, parcels and perishable goods around the world.

Research stipulates that the aviation oversight program is a regulation by the federal Government to ensure maximum utilization of the air transport. A program ensures the safety of passengers, qualification of pilots and the establishment of rules and regulations that guide air transport. Dierikx (2008) points out that several factors contributed to the establishment of this program, which includes aircraft accidents that occurred without any explanations as to the cause of the accidents. These accidents were caused by mechanical problems due to inadequate inspection of the airplanes before they set off. The pilots, who were not qualified and skilled to fly the planes, also caused them. This led the federal Government to set up the Federal Aviation Administration that would oversee these situations and limit the number of accidents.

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Research asserts that some pilots were flying airplanes without proper qualifications, which risked the lives of passengers and the safety of the goods transported. Most of the pilots were inexperienced, some of them were too old to fly the planes. Some had less skill to handle contingencies in case they occurred, such as changes in weather patterns. The Federal Aviation Administration was set up to issue certificates to pilots before they were allowed to fly, to revoke fake certificates or those that are expired and to suspend pilots who make mistakes in the course of flying their aircrafts. This has helped to reduce the number of accidents caused by unskilled pilots and encouraged the pilots to extend their qualifications through thorough training.  

Research analysis asserts that the space transportation was not regulated and this was dangerous to the passengers. Some airplanes flew at the same altitude, regardless of the weather. In some instances, the weather would change abruptly without the pilot’s noticing, and this led to many accidents. For a plane to fly, it needs to be directed and instructed on the taken routes to avoid collision. This led to the establishment of the Federal Aviation Administration that could regulate the United States space transportation.

Research confirms that some airplanes were used under poor conditions; this means that they had mechanical problems that were not noticed by the mechanics since there was no one to confirm the fitness of the airplane. In addition to this, some planes emitted toxic gases in the air, which were harmful to people and destroyed the ozone layer. Robert (2008) asserts that this facilitated the establishment of the Federal Aviation Administration that regulated flight inspection standards and ensured that airplanes were thoroughly inspected for safety before they were allowed to fly. It also takes part in researching and developing the airspace system and civil aeronautics. To ensure there is no environmental degradation caused by airplanes, it develops and spearheads programs that control noise and sound pollution. This has helped to reduce the unfitness of aircrafts and the harmful effects of pollution, which reduces peoples’ life spans in the end and may cause serious diseases such as cancer.

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In conclusion, the invention of the air transportation is associated with the Post office transactions where mails were transported by rail. This was slow since people had to wait for a long period before they could access their messages. Banks also delayed business transactions as transportation of checks took a long time. This led to the need for a faster mode of transport that would enable people to receive mails on time. Several flights were invented which did not meet the six requirements and were inefficient. After the Second World War, big companies improving air transportation invented all-cargo airplanes. This led to the need for establishing an aviation oversight program that would overlook all the air transport and ensure safety standards maintaining. This happened because of the numerous accidents that caused massive losses of lives. The air space also needed to be regulated in order to improve the safety of passengers. Since most pilots were unskilled and could not be allowed to fly the large airplanes that carried lots of people and goods, the Federal Aviation Administration was established by the Federal Government to inspect pilots’ licenses and suspend those who did mistakes in the course of flying the planes. It also operated an air traffic control that advised the pilot while flying.

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