Terms of the Contract

The procedure of resolution for dispute needs to be reviewed in a matter that will cater for the needs and interests of the parties involved. The process of review will involve research of the issues which contributed to dispute, and have all the necessary documents which are part of the terms of the contract. This enhances the identification of the underplaying issue of the dispute. The representative of the parties identify who can bind the decision reached upon while defining the limits of the team. The agenda of the negotiation is consulted to other parties, and isolation of issues to be negotiated upon while developing a strategy that will be adopted to identify the evidence of the dispute. The discussion must be rehearsed in private as this will enhance the augments to be refined, and the use of refined materials as reference to the discussion. The final touch of the agenda is finished in corporation with the parties, as it ensure that the parties involved are conversant with the strategy to be employed. The commencement of negotiation is initiated with introduction to outline the necessary issues in the discussion

The appointment of a moderator in the meeting and a minute taker, though the parties can decide on taking the minutes. The negotiation process starts with the discussion of the small issues and when a consensus is reached the tackling of complex issue is initiated. The discussion must have the exchange of ideas with the will of the parties to be flexible to change so as to reach an agreement which is binding. Side issues must be avoided in addition to mixing of issues, and thus the need to isolate issues to be tackled singly. When the issues are resolved the discussion ends as a consensus has been reached (Basics Business Training, 2011).

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