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It has come to the attention of the board of directors that most of us are engaging in the use of inappropriate language, especially those of us in the sales and marketing department. The business feels that the continued use of this kind of language could be damaging to the well being of individual employees and also to the business at large.

Due to the graveness of this issue, it is imperative that we refrain from using this type of language. Some tips offered by our consultant are; we should think more positively, eliminate casual swearing, practice being patient and also choose to use polite word instead of harsh profane words. As advised, this will also bring good tidings to us as individuals. Our lives will be more comfortable, peaceful and an eventual success will be achieved both individually and as a business.

Please practice to be more professional and use less of inappropriate language as this will create general wellness to all of us as guided by the company's policy guidelines. Through this even the sales commissions are bound to sky rocket because of the influx of customers. Thank you.



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