Future Airport terminal designs

There are numerous and different airport terminal design concepts across the globe. The airport terminal design concepts have been developing by day, and they are changing drastically especially with the innovations being done in such an advanced technology world (Mumayiza, 1999).

By 2025, the kind of airport terminals we might be using will be a pier design. This design uses a narrow, long building having the aircraft parked on both sides. Ideally, one end connects to baggage and ticketing claim area (Michael, 2001). By year 2025, with the trend in the transport industry, most people will be using air travel meaning that the airports will need to enlarge their space to allow for easy booking, check-ins and other activities due to the large number of people. Piers are exactly the type of airport terminal design that will be excellent in offering high-aircraft capacity and design simplicity (Chang & Lawrence, 1997). It might result in a long distance particularly from the check-in counter all the way to the gate, but this is what airports are likely to take up as a solution to the hefty and clumsy airport operations.

Then again, this will advance further in year 2050, and with the trend, the airport terminal design concepts will be more advanced in terms of technology. Numerous airports are likely to use a semicircular terminal (Chang & Lawrence, 1997). This is where aircraft are parked on one side with cars parked on the other. The design does well with the future prospects in the coming years as many people will own cars and require ample parking on a visit to the airport (Mumayiza, 1999). The design might results in long walks that connects passengers, but will be adopted by airports from the ability to reduce travel times between the aircraft and check-in (Michael, 2001).

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