Consumer Behavior Analysis

In the United States of America the process of stealing is widely spread among the population. It affects as regular individuals as many businesses. It affects such businesses as restaurants, shop industry, thefts in offices, etc. Theft among consumers is a big problem for hotel business. Theft in hotels does happen. It is a very traumatic and costly process for owners of this industry. The price of the stolen items for hotel industry is worth up to one hundred millions of dollars. There are many reasons why tourist and residents of the hotel steal items. It could be just for fun or maybe for further use. Sometimes, people even do not realize why they do it. They steal things from the hotel rooms and only then think why they did this. The main reasons of the propensity of people misbehavior in the hotel rooms are cost of rooms, educational level and age of the quests.  

Theft in hotels is not uncommon. According to polls, about half of the hotel quests take out of the rooms some items or in other words just steal them. Sometimes, quite honest and good citizens feel that it is normal to take with them some things without paying for them. Sometimes, the simple reason for such action is that many objects in the room have the hotel logo. It is very often when people travel to another country or big city for the first time. When they come back, they want to take something with them that represents the place where they were. It is obvious that stealing from the hotel room would be the major opportunity to make this simple plan real. Therefore, tourists consider them to be good souvenirs that will remind them later on leave. Probably, the abundance of photos and pleasant feeling from the trip is not enough for people to memorize this event.

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Before start to talk about reasons why people steal from the hotels, we should make the research what items people steel more often. It will help to understand the hidden reasons of this petty offence. The most popular among people who like to steal from the hotel are self hotel towels, bath accessories, pens, slippers and bathrobes. There are a few less losses among remote controls, pillows and blankets, newspapers and magazines, clothes hangers, TVs and hairdryers. And finally, the hotel staff is extremely rare encounters with the disappearance of lights, art, clocks, computers, and phones, as well as plants. However, all of these objects are also included in the list of the missing. The worst situation is with hotels of category four and five star. According to the survey, about one in nine of their quest take things without permission from his room. On average, these hotel thefts cause a great damage. From the range of these items we can conclude that the reason why people steal something from hotel is related not to the desperate need to enrich themselves, but something different. People had the desire to take something with them when it is free and nobody could catch them. It is not even important what exactly is the stolen item; it is important that you can take it for free.

The other important thing to research is a consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is the formation of customer demand, offering a choice of goods with the price and your personal budget. It is known that income has a direct and immediate impact on demand, and prices have an impact on the amount of purchased goods. The influence can be traced through the features of consumer behavior, which takes into account the entrepreneur in pricing. The entrepreneur should definitely know how much to raise the price of goods of higher quality and what is the limit of the raise; or how much to lower the price, without the risk of trading revenue, if the demand for this product is reduced. From this review of the consumer behavior we see that the owners of the hotels sometimes do not see the line of the raise. The prices on the hotel rooms are at risk of trading the revenue. The hotel owners make the cost of the apartments too expensive for quests to stay for few days. It creates the atmosphere in the quests that everything that is in the apartment could be taken with them. Of course, the design with the complete set of furniture and comfortable conditions that the hotel presents for their quests has to be paid. However, people mind expect to get from the luxury not only few days of the rest, but something more. People who got used to the fancy and luxury life very often consider that they can easily cross the line and do whatever they want. In many countries, those people do not pay their utility bills or something like this. They confident in their rights and behave obscenely. In the case of the hotel theft, they probably want to show their high position in the society and take with them everything what they need. In general, they do not need those things at all, but just take things impulsively in order to highlight their permissiveness.

There are many people who like to stay in the hotel with great comfort. However, they have the limited budget. The opportunity for them to be in the luxury hotel room could be the only single option in their life. They want to use this opportunity in full volume. That is why they take hotel items with them. Here, we can see the psychological moment. All those things are not much valuable in the daily life, but people still want to steal them in order to celebrate their presence in the luxury hotel. Sometimes, in the luxury rooms we can observes an object of art. It is also the temptation for the quest to steal it. Sometimes, it could be unique and really expensive. Of course, there would be a feeling to steal it from the apartment of the hotel. You would not find such thing somewhere else. So, this is the challenge for people who can afford one time in their life the luxury hotel room.

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On the other side, there are hotels that make the price too high, but they do not provide their visitors with decent comfort. It is usually small rooms with minimum service. The reasons of higher prices for low service are different. Many hotels could be located in the region that is close to the sea or resort. Some hotels keep the high price due to the intensive flow of the tourists. The reason also could be the absence of the competition in the area. In order to compensate the high cost of the room with low comfort, people steal everything what they can take away. In this case, there is no additional in the hotel visitors to steal something. They just want to return their money in some way. They could not make the impact on the price policy, so stealing things is a revenge for them. Thus, the cost of the room is playing a significant role in the creation of the motive for visitors to steal things from the hotel.

There is the other reason of the stealing from the hotels room. The low educational level is leading to the consumer theft. “Whereas compulsive buying reflects an uncontrollable desire to purchase things or services, consumer theft reflects a desire to steal things” (Wayne). We have to take a closer look what is exactly an education? It will help to understand the reasons of the consumer theft and stealing from the hotels. Education is a part of the process of the identity formation. Through this process, society transfers knowledge and skills, from one generation to another, from one person to another. During training, the student imposed certain cultural values; the process of learning is aimed at the socialization of the individual, but sometimes training conflicts with the true interests of the student. The main goal of education is to transfer values of the dominant culture in the particular country. Since the culture of each nation is original, then the content of education is very different. In ancient Rome, the main purpose of education was to train commanders and statesmen. In the Middle Ages in Europe, concentrating on the study of the Christian religion, in the Renaissance there was a major interest in culture, art to literature. So, we see how changing with time and age varied cultural interests of man and therefore the content of education. The education contributes to the preservation of values accumulated by mankind, and the emergence of new ones. Today’s educational program does not prepare the members of the society to the specific goals. Unfortunately, the educational level in the country goes down gradually. It makes the influence on the crime activity and behavior of the individuals. People without proper education tend to misbehave or make decisions in a wrong way. When people with low education level spend their time in hotels, they more often steal things than graduated from the colleges or universities. People with education understand that living in the developed society means to follow the rules. People with less intelligence have their own idea about the world around them. They do not consider the hotel theft as a crime. They even think that it is normal to take hotel items with them. Very often, they think only about themselves. Such visitors of the hotels do not care about people who will come after them. People with low education level tend to steal things, because they sometimes do not see other way how they can obtain stolen items. Unfortunately, those types of people do not want to think that the big crime begins with a little one.  

The consumer behavior is characterized by the consumer theft. It is the intention of the customer does not pay for goods or services (Harris). The frequency of thefts also depends on the age of the people. In the young age people who love to travel a lot could steal things from the hotel rooms. For them it could be another opportunity to have the entertainment or fun. They could select different items from different hotels in order to keep the collection. Just married couples could consider it as a little adventure during their honey moon. In young age, people are without proper experience. They did not feel strong enough the power of law. Youth is also under the influence of the television, where they very often see in the films the theft process without any punishment. In particular, they see the theft from the hotel rooms on the screens of their TV-sets. We could not say that when people become older they do not have the habit to steal things from the hotel rooms. However, they do it less. Making this petty crime they have their own reasons. Elderly people act like household keepers. They know that the extra towel or electric bulb would not be useless in the household.

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Hence, there are three significant reasons why people steal things from the hotel rooms: cost of rooms, educational level and age of the quests. All of these reasons make the contribution to the process of the stealing from the hotel rooms. However, the main contribution to the propensity of people to steal items from the hotel rooms linked with level of education in the country. People who steal things for fun or for household needs, they still understand that they make some form of crime. Sometimes, they may abandon the idea of stealing things that do not belong to them. However, people with the low level of intelligence do not realize it. They will be stealing things until they will be caught.

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