Consultative Sales Presentation

Work on the first impression

It is important that the person selling a product make a striking impression before the prospective buyer. It is fundamental aspect especially when trying to grasp the attention of the buyer. For a potential marketer, it is vital to be presentable, and choose the best choice of words while intending to meet with the client. In this case, one has to present him or herself with an official look to capture the client’s attention, and build the confidence.

Starting a relationship

Business calls for a stable relationship that may be subject to challenges over time. In this regard, it is worth noting that before selling a product (mobile phone) one has to ensure that he or she has built a certain connection in order to assess and present the product. Getting to know the needs and priorities of an individual can go a long way in building a much-needed relationship. It is beneficial as the seller may get an opportunity to sell another product in the future (HellinKnighting, 2010).

Listening to the client

Giving an ear to the client can go a long way in knowing his or her likes and dislikes. By upholding a good connection with the client, one is able to understand their financial situation and the prospect of buying into an offer. This way, one creates a suitable ground for negotiation thus leads to an agreement between the client and the seller.

While selling the mobile phone it is valuable to start by informing the client about the benefits of the phone rather than beginning with negotiations. The seller has to inform the prospective buyer about the features of the mobile phone putting in mind the client’s needs. The client is likely to pay attention because he or she may find features that will fit his or her interest. This way, the seller enhances his or her chances of having a potential business with the buyer even in the future (HellinKnighting, 2010).

Method of Selling

While selling the mobile phone, it is better to offer it to the prospective buyer while facing him or her. This is because seeing the product at hand and weighing it against the price stated may win the attention of the buyer. However, in case there needs to be a telephone conversation before meeting the prospective buyer, it is crucial to ensure that the seller outlines the product’s benefits to the client rather than focusing on the prices. In addition, developing a relationship with the client is also crucial while trying to convince the buyer about the product’s potential. It is then

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Approach for Selling the Mobile Phone

There are significant aspects that I intend to put into consideration while selling the phone to my neighbor.

1)      Greetings: this is to start the conversation with the prospective buyer by greeting him or her, as a way of introducing myself.

2)      Getting to know the customers’ needs: this entails understanding the customer’s needs in terms of the products that I intend to sell to him or her.

3)      Detailing the product and features of the phone: at this point, I will discuss the benefits of the mobile phone while considering the needs of the client.

Convincing the buyer to buy the product: once the client is convinced of the benefits of the phone, I will then ask the client to buy the phone (Robertson, 2004).

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