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Campaign Objectives and Strategies Johnson and Johnson

‘Johnson and Johnson’ has engaged itself in several communications campaigns that are intended to generally improve the company’s image, while increasing its profitability. Though this is the long-run goal of this company, there are short-term goals that contribute to the long-term objectives. These are the communication campaign objectives referred to and are discussed alongside the strategies implemented to realize these goals (Kapferer, 2012). They include the following:

Enhancement of the company’s image and creation of awareness

A company’s profitability is heavily determined by its ability to attract the highest possible sales not only in the short-term but also in the long-term. Short-term sales are determined by the products immediate effectiveness, while the long-term effects are determined by the gradual image developed about the company and its products. ‘Johnson and Johnson’ tends to concentrate more on the long-term effects of the strategies it applies. It identifies the most important needs of its customers and finds ways to satisfy these needs by demonstrating their effectiveness through the adverts. To achieve this goal, the company has applied different strategies.


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Strategy 1: Mothers celebration

Johnson has a large range of baby products and, therefore, comprehends that mothers make up a large portion of its customers. It, therefore, recognizes that appreciating them for their efforts is one of the best ways to win their liking for their products besides ensuring that these products are safe for their babies. In July 2008, the company ran an advert on national television, in which the U.S. Olympic athletes inclusive of Shalane Flanagan, Sarah Haskins and Jarrod Shoemaker, thanked their moms for selfless jobs of nurturing and supporting them to adulthood.

The superficial essence of the advert is to celebrate mothers for their efforts. However, the company hopes that the advert will attract more attention to company name. Moreover, the skin care brand sponsored the Olympics as a corporate gesture to give back to the community within the period. Research has shown that the corporate social responsibility can determine the sales of a company.

In the advertisement, the main targets are the mothers, although the advert was intended to appeal to other audiences that could form potential customers of the company’s products. According to the company director, the sales during that period (July - August, 2008) increased by 5% above the normal. An interview, conducted a few months later, indicated that several mothers felt appreciated by the company and they felt the need to purchase products from the company. A large number of them agree that the advert was memorable.

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Strategy two: Nursing campaign

A large portion of the company’s drugs are sold to the medical facilities. These include all the pharmaceutical and medical drugs that are supplied to the medical facilities in large quantities. The people responsible for the administration of these drugs to the patients are the nurses. ‘Johnson and Johnson’ advances campaign strategies to ensure the nurses are aware of the commodities for a chance to test their effectiveness and in the process increase the sales of the company.  It also recognizes the existence of a shortage in the number of nurses in the hospitals, particularly in the United States. ‘Johnson and Johnson’, thus, engages itself in the training of nurses and in facilitating their transition into the medical practice on completion of the college profession. It has continued to do so over the years and has greatly contributed to the increase in the number of nurses in the medical profession. Besides increasing the awareness of its product, the initiative has greatly improved the image of the company to the community. It makes it seem more responsible and concerned than other companies that compete in the same industry. It, thus, improves the competitiveness of the company.

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Campaign to alter people’s perception of the Tylenol product

‘Johnson and Johnson’ had enjoyed a good image due to its excellent products before the year 1982, when its major profit-earner, Tylenol, was linked to seven deaths. The company was under immense pressure from both the public and the regulatory authorities to explain the predicament and suggest possible solutions. It was alleged that the commodity had been laced with cyanide up to about 65 milligrams, thus, causing the deaths reported. The company immediately noted that the drugs had been contaminated and it was trying to convince the general public the same. It, therefore, came up with two strategies: first to show its innocence in the matter and second to restore the people’s confidence in the company’s products.

Strategy one: recall of Tylenol products

Once the problem was public, the company had to act fast in order to save its image. It began by running a campaign around different areas, where their commodity was being sold advising people to avoid intake of Tylenol. This was a measure intend to prevent further deaths due to the other contaminated drugs. This was successful since no other death related to the said cause was reported. Secondly, the company recalled all the Tylenol products that had been sold to the different parts of the world and offered Tylenol tablets as replacement for those who had bought the Tylenol product. Such a move cost the company more than $150 million. Moreover, the company offered a price of $100,000 for the identity of the person responsible for the pampering of the drug. Though it did not manage to nail down the culprit, the recall initiative worked as the company would have hoped. Its customers saw that the company had their interests at heart. It also valued their health concerns beyond the profit it derived from the products it sold to them.

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Strategy two: Repackaging

To win the confidence of the customers further, ‘Johnson and Johnson’ repacked all the products it recalled from the market and placed a seal for easy identification in case of tampering. It then ran adverts on national television advising people to ensure the seal of the Tylenol product is intact before consumption. This strategy slowly won the confidence of its customers and the product was again making voluminous sales. According to the research conducted, the commodity had risen to its earlier sales in six months from the time of occurrence of the incident.

Until recently, the company has enjoyed heavy sales from the commodities and only came under scrutiny, when mother alleged that baby shampoo, one of its highly selling products, increased the chances of contraction of cancer by the child.  The company countered the pressure by confirming that all its products were readily tested by the FDA and had all passed the test. However, it promised to make deeper analysis and determine the exact problem that was there. It further confirmed that the managers and the manufacturers of the product had kids and would not manufacture products that brought harm to their children. However, unlike the Tylenol situation, the advanced form of information transfer lead to the quick spread of information and, thus, increasing the damage caused. The company’s reaction was, therefore, perceived as slow.

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Attract a new market

Initially, ‘Johnson and Johnson’ specialized in the manufacture of the medical products and a few consumer products.  These products essentially targeted the mothers and hospital patients. In order to increase, the company had to come up with an innovative strategy to ensure it reaches the ordinary men and women.

Strategy: Introduction of skin products

Women value beauty and would pay any amount of money to achieve a glamorous look. ‘Johnson and Johnson’ understands this and, therefore, introduced its cosmetic line of products. This is heavily advertised on television in order to increase the level of awareness. This attracted a new group of customers, particularly the young teenagers who place great importance to beauty. Campaigns to increase its carefree product also attracted new clients to the sales of the company.

Key messages conveyed in the communications campaigns (Temporal, 2011).

  • In recalling its products through the announcements the company showed their customers that they had nothing to do with the Tylenol contamination with cyanide. The venture cost the company millions but it was willing to go for all that for the sake of the lives of its customers. Generally, the women and men felt the company was certainly worth their money.
  • In advertising the repackaged product the company hoped to show the public that the product is now safe for consumption. The seal would be used to detect any possible tampering, in which case the customer is advised to avoid the drug (Form 10-K, 2010).
  • The ‘Thanks Mom’ campaign was intended to show mothers as powerful figures in the life of a child. The mother makes the right choices for the child and this includes choosing a ‘Johnson and Johnson’ product. The ‘Baby Championships’, narrated in the commercial advert, were meant to indicate the strength of the ‘Johnson and Johnson’ products, when used by mothers who love their kids greatly. It meant to show that any mother who loves the children should ensure they use ‘Johnson and Johnson’ products (George, 2009).

The nursing campaign was meant to show the public that the company is not only concerned with the sales of the products but it also ensures there are enough nurses in the hospitals to take care of the patients.  The trained nurses, on the other hand, feel the company is concerned with their welfare and will, thus, feel obliged to purchase the products of the company (Gaudet, 2008).

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Creative Brief

Client’s Objective:

  • To encourage more mothers to purchase the baby products such as baby shampoo and powder.
  • The mothers should know how the product meets their security needs for their children and, thus, calming their fears.
  • After advertisement, sales are expected to increase by at least 5%.

Target Audience:

  • The advert generally targets the mothers, although other parties may be welcome.
  • Mothers need products that are smooth on their children, have little or no irritation and are secure to use without fear of any future side effects.

Situation and Competitor analysis:

  • Presently, there are different competitor products that offer similar functionalities. However, many of the shampoos cause irritation, hence, the mothers liking for the ‘Johnson and Johnson’ production of the commodity is within the law and, therefore, there are no possible legal huddles that could arise in the near future.

Target problem:

Mothers are often forced to improve or use the ordinary soaps with no irritation since all the shampoos available are meant have the irritation effect.

Our promise:

The baby products sold will deliver the best results to the customers.

Reasons to believe in our promise:

The ‘Johnson and Johnson’ employers are the first to vary the products

Conception due data:

The project is scheduled to begin from July all through August

Creative Strategy Statement:

  • Baby shampoo ensures they baby is clean with little irrational to the eyes.
  • Baby Shampoo will kill all the bacteria better than any other detergent.

Baby Shampoo ensures your baby remains healthy throughout the whole period.



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