Board Membership Has Its Privileges

Is Juan’s plan is a sound one?

Based on the case study, it is undeniable that there will be more benefits than loses that Juan’s agency will get by allowing senator Gonzales to be one of the its board members.

What could he possibly gain from his planned strategy?

Looking at Senator Gonzales age, it appears to be appropriate since he is already a senior citizen. Moreover, it is one of the requirements needed for qualification for the board membership. His position as a senator and also as a political veteran will have more positive contribution to the agency. Because of his political position, he has had a chance to work with some of the brilliant people, formulating strategies and also analyzing the challenges such agencies face. His connections of a senator and a political leader can also be used to push the agenda for the agency. Because of his position, his credibility and accountability will not be questioned much since he has a well recognized and trusted person in the society. Not to overlook his position as the chair of the committee that handles the discretionary monies that are meant as programs for the elderly citizens. This will come in handy in terms of advising other board member which way to go when making decisions, so that they may not be caught up in a trap of misappropriation (Charan, 2009). His joint committee to look into claims of misappropriation of funds given to agencies by the public to assist the old people may not have to look into Juan’s agency for misappropriation, since he will be one of its board members. Juan’s agency will benefit because he will be able to get the additional funds that he had been lobbying from Senator Gonzales to build a senior center.

What could he loose?

 There is also some downside to Senator Gonzales’s membership. This will come in when he may have to look into the misappropriation of funds through the committee that he had formed. He will have to learn about Juan’s actions of regularly using funds, given by the state to match federal funds for program delivery, although this is something he has always been against.

What should the board do?

As a board they, should sit down and discuss the roles that will be played by Senator Gonzales in their agency. What will be the advantages and disadvantages Gonzales’ coming around as one of the board members? They should also look at the fact that by joining the agency, Gonzales will benefit more, since it will guarantee him the reduced rates by insurance companies. They should make their decision on whether Gonzales should be one of their members after weighing his advantages and disadvantages.



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