Air Products & Chemicals Company

The American Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. global corporation principally deals with the selling of chemicals and gases for industrial application. The company headquarters are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This is in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania in America. It has over the years become the third largest employer in Lehigh Valley. St. Luke's Hospital is ranked number one followed by Lehigh Valley Hospital. The corporation was founded in 1940 by Leonard P. Pool (Air products, n.d).

The company serves their main customers in technology, industrial, healthcare and energy markets internationally with a unique portfolio of specialty, process and atmospheric gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, argon and hydrogen, services and equipment as well as performance materials. It is a leader in major markets dealing with semiconductors, home healthcare services, refinery hydrogen, advanced adhesives and coatings and natural gas liquefaction (PRNewswire, n.d). The company has also advanced in production of epoxy additives and grown its portfolio to deal with the hydrogen fuel cell sector with hydrogen fueling centers together with the personal care chemicals outlet.

In 2009, the company had $8.3 billion revenues having operated in above 40 countries. The total number of employees was 18,900 internationally as at then. The company provided the liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fuel used by the Space Shuttle External Tank. They have also been working together with NASA for a period of 50 years. It provided the liquid hydrogen needed for each space shuttle launch and for the Apollo and Mercury missions (Air products, n.d).

Air products Company has been known for its culture of innovation, excellence in operations and in environment and safety commitment. It has played a corporate social role in the society and was named by the Corporate Responsibility Magazine in March 4, 2010 among the top 100 corporate citizens (PRNewswire, n.d). Safety has been ranked first before sales and profits. This policy has helped in reducing accidents in its operations.



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