Abercrombie and Fitch

Understanding how a business organization works provides the people a greater sense of gaining proper information that could help them better assess not only the organization but also that of the different operations that the said organization take into serious consideration so as to assure that they are able to provide the demands of the customer and the satisfaction requirements of their employees to assure standard quality of the products created for the clients. In this regard, when it comes to Abercrombie and Fitch line of Apparel Organization shall be assessed within the discussion that follows.

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Basically, through instantiating on what or how a particular matter could be better dealt with in connection with the business operations that apparel business entities have to face in the arena of international marketing and international business competition coming into a proper definition of what business operations ought to stand for in the face of providing the values and concerns of the clients and the employees all at the same time would be much easier to understand. In this case, to be able to define the different elements contributing to the success of the A&F Company and how they are able to provide proper solutions to emerging challenges on their way, a SWOT analysis shall be handled by the creator of this company report.

Strengths: being one among the other pioneers of apparel distribution in the community of a group of people who give importance to fashion style and quality of apparel line to the human community during the 1800’s, Abercrombie & Fitch has already been able to establish particular connection with the target market through a reputable sense of branding. With an established brand and an established position in the market, it could be observed that A&F is in the proper position that is able to provide them the attention that they need from the market which they could easily turn into organizational profit.

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Also, when it comes to external correlation that the administrators have in connection with the workers of the business, it could be noticed that it has been easier for the company to provide the right quality of products to the client. As the administrators believe, employee satisfaction begets quality work and worker loyalty. Through this, they are not only assuring the entire company of the right chance that they need to be able to provide quality products for the sake of keeping their reputation in the industry, but also, they are ensuring the fact that their brand would be better protected as satisfied employees are believed to have a lesser chance of leaking business matters to other competing organizations in the industry.

Weaknesses: : Most likely, it has always been realized that the target market of the A&F brand targets the young generation, mostly the college students. This serves as a weakness especially on the part of expanding their market influence.

Opportunity: It is always the opportunity of any company to further extend the market that they are targeting through expanding their procedures of advertising and marketing. Surely, it could be noticed that through this, the opportunity of becoming more than what they are already gives them a chance to extend their capability to generate profit for their company and collect funding for their programs.

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Threats: it is a huge threat for the organization to see that there are small business organizations offering personalized apparel style. With the brand of the A&F product that defines proper style and proper fashion, it could be noticed that there are already some small and middle-level brands that emerge within the industry, It is through their existence that the organization is further given clue as to what developments they need to undergo to deal with these competitors accordingly.

Through the SWOT analysis presented herein, a collective understanding on the reputation and the considerations that the business of A&F Company is making has been made clear and thus insisted the different procedures of further developments that the organization aims to incur in connection with their business operations.

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