Vasilisa the Beautiful

According to Propp’s way of analyzing the story of Vasilisa the Beautiful, prop has employed a highly detailed way of analyzing the content. It is crucial to note that Propp has ensured that the story has four portions. In these four portions, Propp has included into each segment properties and subheading that lead to the details of the story. In this paper, I shall highlight the aspects which have been used by Propp to determine the structure of the fairy tale.

Propp’s scheme begins with the introductory sequence. In this sequence, prop has carefully captured all the aspects on the first bit of the fairy tale. That is in the introductory sequence the reader can follow the events in the fairy tale. In addition, the introductory part ensures that the reader gets a full essence and understanding of the theme of the story. The reader also gets to be introduced to the key actors in the story for instance, the villain.

The body and the donor sequence are both well placed in the system. Propp’s has ensured that all the main parts of the story are listed. That is in the body part the reader can picture well all the happenings of the story. The sequencing bit brings in contrast to the story that captures the attention of the reader to the fairy tale. The sequence bit also includes some aspect of Russian story telling.

Despite the achievement of Propp’s style, the analysis is not sensitive enough to the variety of readers. That is the writer has not included the non-Russian readers who may not be familiar with the Russian history. In this regard, Propp should have used terminologies that are easy to understand. That is even for the few who will not be conversant with the Russian story or past will be able to get a glimpse of the Russian culture.

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