Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin (1851-1904)

Desiree felt fulfilled when she gave birth to a lovely baby. Armand felt disgruntled upon learning that their child was nonwhite. During the story's creation by Kate Chopin, society dictated that African Americans are mere properties of the White Americans. In terms of claim (argument), racial discrimination hinders true love and happiness.In terms of evidence, the story focuses on the consequences of Desiree's baby having a nonwhite color. The story states that Armand comes from a rich family. His family owns several African American slaves. Armand treats his African Slaves as property. The story further states that Armand blames Desiree for the Baby's African American background. Armand's immediately presumes that Desiree's African American baby is proof enough that Desiree's relatives have African American blood. By burning Desiree's clothes and the baby's cradle, Armand shows that he is guilty of racial discrimination. Armand' driving away Desiree and their baby is clear evidence that racial discrimination will stop love from growing to perfection (Chopin 82).In terms of warrant/value assumptions, it is true that racial discrimination was a reality during the Desiree story's time. The story truly shows that racial discrimination is often an obstacle in love. Armand gets mad and falls out of love after discovering that their child is not white. Desiree then reluctantly leaves Armand and never comes back. Consequently, Desiree brings along her non-white baby. After burning Desiree's things, Armand finds a letter writer by her mother to her father. The letter mentions that Armand's mother is African American. Armand now realizes that Desiree's nonwhite baby was Armand's fault (Chopin 82).Further, another warrant /value assumption of the story is a clear indication that Desiree represents goodness in the story. She obediently leaves Armand to comply with the harsh demands of Armand. She obediently brings her nonwhite baby with her and never comes back in compliance with the forceful request of Armand, her only love. She cares for her baby despite it being nonwhite (Chopin 112).

Furthermore, another warrant /value assumption of the story is slavery. Armand feels it is his right to be arrogant towards the African American people. Armand feels happy that he owns some African American slaves. Consequently, he treats the African American slaves as properties. Armand's burning of all of Desiree's belongings is an insult to the African American slaves of his time. Understandably, Armand burns and drives away Desiree and his baby because he wants to show his African American slaves that they are not equal in stature as the white Americans. Clearly, the story ends with Armand learning he has an African American heritage (Chopin 112).In addition, another warrant /value assumption of the story is the importance of decision -making. Armand immediately makes a decision to drive Desiree and their baby away into oblivion. Armand makes decision without searching for facts to support his decisions. Armand immediate presumes Desiree has an African American heritage because Armand feels that his parents do not have African American blood running through their veins. His harsh decision results to his own loss. His faulty decision results to the loss of a loving wife and an innocent child (Chopin 189).

In addition, another warrant, value assumption of the story is Armand's representative arrogance. Armand immediately boils up after finding that their baby is nonwhite. Armand loses his wife, Desiree, and their baby because of he is guilty of racial discrimination. Armand realizes, after reading his mother's letter, his mother has the same skin color as the slaves in his estate. Armand immediately presumes that Desiree is part African American. In strong disgust, Armand burns his baby's cradle. His burning of all of Desiree's belongings makes a strong statement in the story - He dislikes having a wife who has an African American heritage. He does not want to have anything to do with an African American -traced baby. This is a telltale sign that Armand is arrogant (Chopin 189).In addition, another warrant, value assumption of the story is helplessness. Desiree could not do anything to prevent Armand from forcefully driving her away. Her unending love was not enough to revise Armand's stand. The neighbors could influence Armand to refrain from his racially discriminating actions. Likewise, Armand is helpless because he could not metamorphose his nonwhite child to someone he always wanted - a white male child. Armand will helplessly succumb to the public's pressure in terms of racial discrimination. The white Americans will disapprove of his having an African American child. (Sollors 435)Lastly, another warrant, value assumption of the story is the blindness of true love. Loving blindly means that the person in love follows what one's heart tells. This often runs against the mind's intentions. Desiree never questioned whether it was Armand or herself that caused the baby to be born nonwhite. Desiree continues to love Armand even until she reluctantly leaves her. Desiree, despite coming from a purely white race, never questioned Armand whether it is he who inherited the African American color. Desiree accepts Armand for what he is. She does not care or even question Armand regarding his African American heritage (McCullough) 217).Briefly, the story focuses on Desiree giving birth to a non-white baby. The story warrants that racial discrimination, slavery, goodness, decision -making, arrogance, and helplessness. The story focuses on Desiree as blindly in love with Armand despite the baby issue. Conclusively, racial discrimination is an obstacle to true love and happiness.

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