A Tale of Love and Darkness

The assessments related to any historical event always get analysed on the basis of being historical and in being accurate. The issues of history dealt by Amoz Oz in "A Tale of Love and Darkness" (2005) are also subject to analysis regarding the historical account and the accuracy maintained by the author. In this paper the analytical process tries to evaluate the use of historical account in reference to the historical accuracy implied by Oz. the paper elaborates the relevance of Oz's life with emphasis over the historical background of his life at Israel and the selected places where he grew up.Historical Account"A Tale of Love and Darkness" is recognized more like a biographical narration by OZ. in this narrative, Oz presents the chronicles of his childhood experiences in Jerusalem. The period refers to the end of British Mandate over Palestine, added by the early years of initiations of State of Israel. The later experiences of OZ as teenager gets describes at Hulda kibbutz. The narration notes that Oz includes many historical contexts, while representing his childhood experiences. The author includes prominent socio-political figures like, David Ben-Gurion, Shay Agnon and Zelda, the poet. The process of making the narrative more authentic, Oz adds many cases related to the age. These are elaborate in relevance to the thematic development of the narration. Oz narrated his early and later life by keeping the historical practical background and thus achieves success in making the reader realize the particular age.Historical Accuracy

In reference to historical accuracy Oz narrates the existence of historical figures in a very non-linear fashion. Oz's life gets interleaved with all those tales that transforms his family's existence with Eastern European origin. There is a continuous participation of historical events and create interrogative instances for understanding the events. Though Oz tried to keep a distance from historical events, still the process of creating enthusiasm among the readers to know history better continues. Matters related to social constructions and political structures are made a part of this narration. The way Oz's father tried to create more education oriented atmosphere, is a symbolic representation of society under transformation and the process of creating reformation to the social practices. A mirror image of lower-middle class Jerusalem suburb has been depicted by the author to make the reader see through the historical existences. This is a process that gets enquired about the accuracy and authenticates declarations made by Oz.Analytical Approach

It is under the influence of new historicists that the comparison between historical account and accuracy gets focused. The approaches led by new historicism aim for simultaneously means to understand the process of adopting history and the cultural and intellectual content related to it. This is a formulation that tries to find out the authentic representation of a history in a narration. In Amoz Oz's "A Tale of Love and Darkness" the entire memoir or the elaborative family history is exclusively comprised of different kinds of metaphors and narrative poetical illustrations. There are enough use of elements like drama added by incidents of comedy to make the narration interesting. The process OZ never tried to temper the historical references of his life to the plot. Inclusion of real life cases of failures against happiness, unhappy marriages added by the narration of wealth as an idiosyncratic character in the social set up, are integral to the storyline. Descrition of Zionist movement and specific elaborations related to the role played by David Ben-Gurion, get followed by S.Y. Agnon, the novelist and the poet Saul Tchernikhovsky. These individuals are used as characters from real life instances. Their presence in itself makes the narration a very historical content.Clear depiction of Jerusalem during 1940s to 50s can be well comprehended by the readers. It is this particular period, in which the entire state was under severe focus on transformational issues. As the narration includes Odessa and Rovno of 19th-century, depiction of real life picturisation gets notices about Ukraine. With day to day narrative technique the author is successful enough in communicating his insights about every burning situation. This makes him a great historicist, yet under new historical approach the same author gets compelled to prove all the declarations as authentic.The conditions of women have been elaborated b the suicide case led by Oz's mother. The social environment for women and the continuous repression over their personal life has been well analysed by Oz. The context also represents the cultural deprivations faced by women in these areas and the need for global attention for the abolition of these social trends. Elaborations related to the life of prominent people like Kibbutz Hulda adds genuine amount of historical accuracy to the narration, yet acceptances related to the same demands for evidences that Oz either ignored or failed to provide.According to new historicism, the narrative technique of a historical instance can create room for interventions by the author. This brings in the inquiries related to historical accuracy about the historical account. The narration thus though added as a biographical persuasion, yet is very much different from the real life situations. Oz attains success as he adds enormous historical instances to the plot. However, most of them are without any evidence. It is here that the persuasion of new historicists adds the element of negation to the facts attempted by Oz.It is thus can be concluded that though oz tried his level best to depict historical accountability through biographical narrative process, yet fails to add evidences to his declaration. As a story "A Tale of Love and Darkness" definitely gains reader's attention. But from historical point of view, it fails to be a historical document. It is more like a biography of a person, written with reader response narrative techniques.

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