Research Work on Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was born on April 1928 in St Louis Missouri and named Marguerite Ann Johnson later due to her works in poetry and autobiographer. Her works were so influential to a point of regarding as the "America's most visible black female autobiographer." By many scholars both from her field of works as well as other field ranging from all personalities most importantly by scholar Joanne Braxton. Her most notable autobiographies ranged from her own experiences from childhood as well as adulthood. In total, Maya produced six autobiographies with the first one in 1969 which was so acclaimed and populous known as "I know why the caged birds sings." This writing focused highly on her first seventeen years which earned her international recognition winning numerous awards (Op 1).Her works later has been so tremendously affecting the society and she has in turn been honored with numerous honorary degrees besides her works featuring in numerous nomination programs especially the volume that she produced in 1971 called, "Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water Fore I Die." Maya has participated in several workings besides literature. For instance, she was an active member of many civic rights organizations, movements and associations as well as an instrumental coordinator for Martin Luther King Jr's conference that took place in American dealing with Christian leadership skills. Besides being engaged in all these charitable responsibilities, she was also a Lecturer in many American Universities and outside conferences, seminars and other important public gathering. Since 1990s, Maya have been seen around 80 times in different public occasions (Patricia and Maya 12).Maya received an award of the most consistent and featuring columnist in the New York Times and she made history when she became the first poet to recite a poem in an inauguration ceremony of Bill Clinton as the American president from the earlier one which was done way back in 1961 to John F. Kennedy in his inauguration by Robert Frost. Maya was highly recognized and respected despite her race as the most memoirist who was the first woman to discuss her personal life in public and thereafter became a spokesperson for the blacks especially women and in particular those who were in American (Maya 2).

Her works in autobiography has not only concentrated in fictions presentations but also critiqued, expanded and changed the genre through challenges she made to the common and used structure that was used commonly. She is regarded as one of the remarkable Renaissance personality who hailed acting as one of the voices dealing with contemporary works, writings and literature. Besides being a poet, Maya was also a producer, play writer, director and a historian winning the greatest African American figures in literature field. This makes her to be an amalgamation personality directing all her works in arts. She has influenced many black Americans and liberated them from the retarded mentality there were regarded with that they were incapable to a new domain of possibilities, potential and equality through both her performance and her writings (Maya 23).

As earlier stated, her autobiography, I know why the caged birds sing written in 1969 was nominated and won the National Book Award forming one of the most widely read piece of literature both locally and internationally. Other works that were written by Maya include; Singin' and Swingin' and Getting' Merry like Christmas written in 1976, All God's Children Need Travelling Shoes in 1986 and The Heart of a Woman in 1981 (Maya 16).In conclusion, Maya's writing are so real because she writes from her own life experiences and from deep her heart. It is believed that her zealous style of writing can be traced from her earlier life experiences when she was raped by her mother's boyfriend therefore having a unique writing style. She has won local and global acclaim due to the demonstrated strength of her character, her open communication to enlighten others as well as her willingness to communicate honestly.



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