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Technology has ensured that movie producers incur minimal costs, because there are no longer multiple productions of the same movie to satisfy the market share. Now the production can focus on one high quality copy which will be made available through downloads on the Internet (Technology and proliferation, 2010). Therefore, due to technological advancements, the distribution becomes faster and can reach more customers than before. The same concerns exhibitions which make trailers online free for viewers, so that they can sample a movie. At the same time, complete movie downloads are offered at a price. The internet has made it possible for viewers to participate in exhibitions through blogs. This means can influence the intensity of zeal, caused by a particular movie. Nevertheless, it can also work negatively if initial exhibitions happen to get a negative judgement of viewers. This does not mean that there can be no negative aspects, but certain control measures should also be taken to curb piracy (Technology and proliferation, 2010). It would be a good idea to ensure synchronization of uploads and notification sent to the market. Thus, movie pirates will lose the advantage of a time lapse between movie uploads and market awareness.

The difference between the story and the plot of a film is in the final intention of each. A film’s story is what the characters work towards achieving at the end of the movie, while the plot is a detailed composition of the events that define the progress of the characters in the movie. The settings, time, challenges, soundtrack and other effects which are important for the plot, create the essence of the movie. In the movie The Shawshank Redemption, two prisoners, Boyd and Andy, through common acts, which observe courtesy, eventually find freedom and redemption. The plot is perceived by means of the prison setting, harassment by guards and fellow prisoners, as well as the way in which the characters plan and execute their escape and release. Details of every scene add to the plot. The events are presented chronologically. This type of presentation is meant to keep the viewer following events of a movie. Thus, the filmmaker wants passive concentration, while the non-linear presentation aims to intensify intrigue and suspense, and calls for full engagement of the viewer (Holden, 2002). Character development is used to provide consistency in the depiction of the hero and changes of his personality from one stage/level onto the next. Foreshadowing typical of non-linear presentation gives hints and clues and always keeps the viewer guessing, thus increased concentration is required.



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