Feminine Art

Since its inception, The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art has been providing an excellent environment for feminist art exhibition and education. This has been in line with the goals of the Feminist Art Movement which advocated for drastic changes in art. As a result of its efforts, traditional art transformed to a feminine adventure which was now produced in reflection to women’s experiences and lives. This was the inspiring ideologue behind the establishment of this centre. It has asserted the position of the women folk in the society by laying emphasis on feminine awareness and education. This enabled art to focus on matters of social concern in the society. Because of this, the centre has been credited for sensitizing the general society on the imminent role of feminine art. All the exhibitions in the centre have sensitized people to view this genre more objectively. The centre fits into the entire museum because of its inspirations to users. Its educative and informative goals appeal to people. My visit to the centre helped me to deeply understand much about the history and roles it plays in the society.

The Feminist Art Movement has undergone a lot of changes. It has made a lot of contributions in changing the perception of the society towards feminine art. As a result of its perpetual revolutionary struggles, the art has gained significance. It has shifted from the initial aesthetic themes to confront relevant issues affecting the society today. I would like to insinuate that its institutionalization has made it be more vocal. In 2010, it organized for an exhibition dabbed The Feminist Salon Group, The West Wing, Melbourne in which the participants extensively discussed insightful feminist texts. This was a clear indication of how strong and relevant it has remained over the years. It only needs support in order to continue with this commendable job.



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