Art and Craft

The development of art and craft has taken a very long time. One of the major milestones was experienced in the 18th century during industrial revolution. The rapid shift from human craftsmanship to mechanization really transformed art. Many changes were experienced in the existing architectural designs as a result of the invention of more advanced tools. Hence, there were the emergence of the Art and Craft and Arts Nouveau movements. The Art and Crafts movement advocated for traditional craftsmanship characterized by the use of simple designs with less visible decorations.

These were mainly the traditional medieval Romantic styles which were influenced by the British flora and fauna. They used fewer decorations. On the other hand, the Nouveau movement promoted the introduction of new architectural designs using modern machines and materials like iron and glasses. These were used to generate distinct whole designs of materials including furniture (Louis, K., 2001).

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Each of these movements greatly revolutionized art and craft in many ways. Their contributions in this field are still being felt in the contemporary society. The Art and Crafts movement influenced reputable artists such as William Morris; Braillie Scott and John Graham who made a lot of designs. This movement influenced the designing of the Red House; Blackwell; Oregon Public Library; Shaw's Corner and Asilomar Conference Grounds. These are aesthetic structures with simple and less superfluous decorations which emphasize on the nature and quality of the materials used. This has become a common feature in many buildings today.

Likewise, Nouveau movement influenced many artists including Émile André; Ernesto Basile; Max Fabiani and Alphonse Mucha. This led to the designing of Kirche am Steinhof; Rado House – 5; Hotel Manduševac and the Peacock Room. These were very great works which have influenced the modern art up to the present times. They were more refined designs which involved the use of modern tools to create objects which would appeal to the people socio-economic a political situation (Nicola, G.B., 2006).

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