Discuss the style, artists, and your opinion of art work

Hero Waving to Leander is a high plaster relief sculpture by Hippolyte François Moreau, a French artist. Created in 1875, the sculpture is made from bronze. The sculpture depicts Leander and the Legend of Hero, believed to have drowned while swimming across water at night to meet his lover Leander. The sculpture is well detailed and the facial details resemble a real human body. The naked sculpture is well detailed in body curves as well as other intricate features.

Madonna and child Enthroned is a renaissance painting by Rosselli Cosimo. The painting depicts the Virgin Mary seated on a marble throne placed in a rose garden by holding baby Jesus oh her laps. The painting is a devotional mater piece used in homes or chapels. The masterpiece is painted in bright warm colors therefore illustrating happiness. The painter made good use of balance and symmetry, therefore maintaining balance in the painting. The use of bright warm colors against black and dark green creates a beautiful sharp contrast. Line is used to create shape and depth therefore the three dimension of the painting.

Study of Vanessa Bell Reading by Roger Fry is oil on board painting depicting a woman studying from her bed. The painting is in two dimensions, as the painter does not bring out the aspect of depth. The painting is in a dominant brown color and few patches of blue grey and black. The brown contrasts with the dark grey blue and black. The painting is in asymmetrical balance and in film perspective. The painter adopted a unique painting technique whereby the woman’s hands and the book are not very clear. The book is invisible, therefore introducing a different pictorial theme. The painter made use of line in highlighting texture, shape and depth.



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