Art of Leonardo Da Vinchi

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Italy, in a small town known as Vinci, which was in Tuscany. He was born on April 15th in the year 1452. Since then, Leonardo has been a vital figure in the Renaissance. Most people only remember Leonardo Da Vinci for his artistic skills. However, there are other aspects of Leonardo that people never recognise. For example, people forget to appreciate his early efforts as a sceptic individual, a naturalist, a materialist, and a scientist. Some people argue that Leonardo was an atheist. However, a closer look at his portrait does not depict atheism at all. In fact, many admired him and his approach towards science and artistic issues in a natural way (Grafton 45).

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One of his strongest believes was that a skilled artist had to be a skilled scientist in order to understand and describe nature well. This belief was the foundation of the renaissance. In fact, at one time he ascertained that no one, who is not a legitimate mathematician, should move near painting. He strongly believed that painting and mathematics were parallel to each other, and that one had to be excellent in mathematics especially measurements for him to succeed in painting. It is evident that Leonardo was a remarkable example of the Renaissance man. He further believed that a person would be much better in terms of knowledge if he or she integrated his knowledge in all subjects. This belief cast doubts in many scientific inventions and beliefs at that time, especially astrology (Maiorino 76).

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