Walk The Line

The Line is a movie directed by James Mangold and written by Johnny Cash. The movie is not entirely about the whole life of Johnny Cash but it touches on an important part of his life; that is, his love life. In "Walk the Line," many situations highlight how gender differences are set and viewed through socialization. This paper will focus on several of the situations where society's views of June Carter and Johnny Cash effect their relationship.

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The movie features Johnny Cash as he progresses through his life. We first encounter him as a child living in Arkansas. He is a son to a sharecropper. His family has its own share of woos. The death of his brother left the family reeling with pain. Johnny’s family is not one of the best fathers and this is clearly seen through the scars that Johnny acquired from the lashes his father gave him. These scars do not fade and can be seen even in his Air force stint. Several situations show that societal views of June Carter and Johnny Cash affect their relationship (commonsensemoviereviews).

Johnny Cash and June Carter were both married to other people before they met. Johnny Cash was married to Vivian with whom they had two children. On the other hand, June Carter was married to a man with whom they had a daughter. However, the two come from failed marriages and are seen by people as failures. As they set out for the music tours, they start a love relationship slowly but develop into something serious. The societal views of the two is not rosy because the society considers them as people who could not hold their families together but are more content with making themselves famous. This view makes Johnny Cash and June Carter set out on a path that would prove the society wrong. In order to disapprove the people criticizing them, they set their love on a high note and are determine to get it going.

Johnny Cash grew in a background that was not good at all. He was not in good terms with his father who blamed him for the death of his elder brother. Even when Johnny Cash gets addicted to drugs, his father calls him a ‘pill popping Rock Star.’ These views about him influence the man Johnny becomes. He becomes a drug addict while in a relationship with June Carter. One of the reasons that make him get involved with the drugs is the pressure to be a star, maintain an upright relationship and disapprove his critiques like his father (commonsensemoviereviews).

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In real life situations, the societal views about people significantly affect the relationships that people have with others. These relationships could be either love relationships between men and women or relationships between friends. The societal views influence people either to have healthy relationships or broken ones. However, it is clear that people want to display relationships that show that they fit within the relationships that the society approves of. In other cases, people rebel and engage in relationships that contradict the societal vies. This is done to satisfy personal views on what a relationship should be like. In all these situations, the society plays a significant role because people do not live in a vacuum.

Johnny Cash and June Carter do not live by themselves. They live within a society that has certain expectations on the relationships that people have. Clearly, the relationship that Johnny Cash and June Cater have is not advocated for by the society because they are two people who seem to abandon their families for personal gain and happiness. Their relationship starts on a musical tour and the society does not view this relationship as a legitimate one because it seems to be established for convenience purposes. However, the two are determined to prove the society wrong by showing that they have a real and legitimate relationship (commonsensemoviereviews).

Both Johnny Cash and June Carter have a bad reputation with the society about their previous relationships. Despite the bad reputation, the two still want to have a relationship that can be considered legitimate by the society. Johnny Cash has engaged himself in drugs to the point that he has become addicted. June Carter decides to help Johnny Cash from the problem and make a comeback to the musical career. This is not characteristic of June Carter judging from the previous relationships she has had. One would expect that June Carter would leave Johnny Cash and go in search of another man. However, she does not do so. This shows the change that has happened to June Carter. In fact, her decision helps Johnny Cash get back into the music career. The following months saw Johnny Cash perform electrifying performances. He went ahead to propose to June sometime later, beginning a new phase in their lives. This shows how societal views about the two made them mold their relationship into one that people never expected it would be (commonsensemoviereviews).

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In conclusion, societal views affect the way people relate among themselves. Walk The Line, a biographical movie, clearly shows this as several situations in the movie show this. Johnny Cash and June Carter start their relationship after previous failed relationships and go on to a stage that no one saw coming. Societal views about them influence the way they mold their relationship, as we see June Carter helping Johnny Cash out of the drug addiction problem into musical success.

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