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The Wall

It is hard to understand another person’s emotions, feelings and actions. Especially, when this person does not want to be understood and builds a wall of alienation; when bricks for the wall are despair, anger and frustration; when his inner world is a mixture of memories, hallucinations and suicidal ideations; when his talent is a curse and music does not bring relief. The movie Pink Floyd – The Wall is a unique combination of action, animation and music that gives an outstanding chance to wander along the paths of a twisted mind. It was screened in 1982, directed by Alan Parker. The basis of the film is a double album of the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released in 1979 under the same name.

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The main hero of the movie is a rock star Pink, who is living behind the protective wall between him and the outer world. His father was killed in the World War II, so the boy was brought up by his overprotective mother. In the school, the teacher ridiculed and humiliated him. The boy grew up, married a pretty girl, but their relations were estranged and she finally cheated him. Now he is a popular singer with a crowd of fans. Yet Pink is devastated inside and cannot perform without drugs. His personality varies from a vulnerable boy to a merciless Nazi dictator. He tries to commit a suicide, but his manager saves him. Eventually, it is held an imaginary court where the judge sentences him to ruining the wall.

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The movie deals with the problems of post-war society. People are embarrassed and that leads to their moral decay. We see the scenes of violence, riot, robbery, promiscuity, rape. People do not trust the government because it treats them as chess pieces. They rebel against wars that kill their relatives and friends, break families and ruin lives. From the Pink’s example it can be seen how much a boy needs a father and how destructive for a child’s psyche mother’s domination can be. The film pays attention to the education. Teachers make fun of children who are different; their main goal is to bring up faithless and thoughtless creatures who will unquestionably obey the rules. It is hard to survive in the world of mess and cruelty. People may rush to extremes in the search of a shelter. They can either lock in an isolated world or join groups such as Nazis to feel protected. All these processes demoralize each person as well as the whole nation.

The Wall is a complex artwork. In a surrealistic manner it shows the problems of the post-World War II times. The core of the film is music of progressive rock style, written and performed by Pink Floyd. Most of it was created by Roger Waters and it sounds like his confession. Pink Floyd’s album is a concept album, where one song is in a strong connection with others. It is impossible to watch the movie without music, and the film is a perfect visualization of the album.

Personally for me, the most impressive part or the film was a final trial in Pink’s mind and ruining of the wall. It is the culmination of the story, the most dramatic moment. Here we collect all memories, reflect everyone and everything that prompted the building of the isolation wall. Animated grotesque figures of the Judge, Teacher, Mother and Wife terrify. The wall crash is unexpected. The final is mystifying: Pink’s destiny remains unknown.

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The movie is rather sophisticated and gloomy. It is unlikely to get pleasure by observing the Wonderland of insanity. However, it is worth listening to outstanding music, watching unusual screening, expressive acting and deep symbolism. This intellectual movie is both fiction and reality, hard to comprehend and impossible to forget.

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